City break safety tips for tourists

Visiting somewhere new means throwing yourself into exciting situations, trying new foods, experiencing new things and documenting your trip every step of the way.

Whether you have your sights set on the other side of the world, or you’re heading to the other end of the country to visit a city you’ve always wanted to see, there’s a lot to take in and experience before you head home again. 

However, before you throw yourself into all kinds of exciting situations, it’s always nice to take a step back and ensure that you’re keeping yourself safe and you’re not putting yourself at risk.

The more cautious you are, the safer you’ll be, and you’ll be making memories for all the right reasons.

Read on for how to stay safe whilst you’re travelling.

Don’t drink and drive

A few drinks at a local bar, drinks with your meal at a restaurant or day drinking whilst on the beach – whatever your plans are, make sure it doesn’t include drinking and driving.

The last thing you want is to get arrested and face a conviction for drunk driving – a DWI lawyer based in Houston who deals with cases like these may be needed if you do find yourself in a sticky situation. Instead, leave the keys at your hotel room, or choose a designated driver.

There’s more than just Uber to help get you a ride back to your hotel too. Check out this video of more ride sharing options when you’re taking a city break.

Don’t keep your phone in your hand

Losing your phone is one thing, but having it stolen from you in a big city can quickly turn any trip into a disaster.

Keep your phone in your pocket or concealed somewhere else on your person to deter thieves who might want to swipe it out of your hand whilst you’re fumbling with Google Maps.

On public transport? Keep your bag on your chest

This also applies if you’re in a busy area like a market or a city square. Keeping your backpack on your front will also act as a deterrent and you won’t lose anything to a pickpocket.

This video is great and filled with some tips to help you keep your bag safe.

Avoid placing your bag on the seat next to you or even on the floor if you’re using public transport. 

Never leave a drink unattended

You don’t have to be in a nightclub to have your drink spiked. Never leave your drink unattended and be wary of strangers buying you drinks. Look out for these tell tale signs.

Dress like a local

Loud shirts, short skirts, strappy tops…some of these items are frowned upon, particularly if you’re visiting an area with conservative views or a place of worship. If you’re heading to the middle east (Dubai, Doha, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, etc) Then this video is for you.

Do some research and dress appropriately so you’re not drawing unwanted attention to yourself.  

If you’re heading to New York City (one of our favourite cities!) here’s some great tips for you.