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Most tourists travelling today are the Chinese people.  Statics show incredible figures of people from China travelling. A report from the World UN Tourism Organisation confirmed that China has the highest number of people who travel abroad for touring purposes. Before the Chinese were on top, there was the Americans and the Germans. They were the top international travellers and tourism spenders. The Statics show that 83 million people spent about 102 billion dollars.

South Korea recently confirmed that tourists from China are overtaking tourists from Japan in terms of arrival numbers. The Chinese have been on the highest arrival number in almost all destinations across the whole world. It is also evident that hotels abroad are changing their business strategy just to cater for the Chinese tourists. Many countries across the world have put forward measures to accommodate the global travel boom caused by the Chinese people.

What most businesses in most countries are liking about the Chinese travellers is that they spend a lot of money when they travel. Most businesses are moving a notch higher in terms of the quality of the services they provide. Most online casinos are also upgrading the quality of the service they provide to their valued customers read more. This is because of the increase of online casinos. They are now offering huge jackpots when playing the exciting games.

The Chief Executive Officer of a travel company from China has reported that steps are being taken to ensure that the Chinese feel at home at the world’s top tourist destinations. In most countries, hotels have included Chinese dishes in on their menus. At the Waldorf Astoria in New York have started giving the Chinese travellers a little extra. In other countries, shops have equipped themselves with Chinese speaking sales people in a bid to make the Chinese to feel at home. In Indonesia, they have not only included Chinese food on their menus but they now also have Chinese guides and brand ambassadors.

However, the Chinese tourists still complain about the way they are treated when they visit many countries. They say that they are still being treated as second class people even though they are the highest tourist. Efforts are being implemented to meet the demands of the Chinese travellers.

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