Cats-Travelers: Animals That Have Traveled the World

The majority of cats live on one territory that they protect and mark with their scents. However, some felines don’t like passing their time in one place. They adore traveling and exploring the world around them.

Unlike the majority of cats, they like wearing leashes and walking in new places. They are avid travelers who enjoy every new trip. Since felines cannot travel alone, their human companions help them overcome any difficulties, transport them, and make stunning snaps from trips.

Scroll down below and read about cats who have the real spirit of adventure. They have already visited a lot of countries around the world and are about to explore a lot of new places.



Gandalf is a fluffy Siberian cat adopted from a South Korean vet clinic when he was five weeks old. He got a respiratory infection. Fortunately, the infection was treated fast. Gandalf lives indoors only and does not have access to a yard. However, he adores going outside with a leash. When his owner grabs the leash, he runs to a door, expecting it to be attached and a new adventure to start. He is not afraid to wear a leash because his owners started bringing him outside regularly a few weeks after adoption.

The feline has moved from South Korea to California, where he lives now. He likes exploring the wildlife in national parks. Nevertheless, Gandalf has already visited nine different states in the US. The list of traveling achievements implies the following spots:

  • Point Arena Lighthouse;
  • Hollywood Boulevard;
  • Grand Canyon National Park;
  • Golden Gate Bridge Pavilion;
  • Yosemite National Park;
  • Sly Park, California;
  • Mount Bonnell Park.

Gandalf likes parks and camping. He adores passing a day in a remote area to explore large territories and learn more about the wildlife. Also, he has his pawsport, which is used for collecting stamps from different places.



Suki is a Bengal cat from Canada who visited unusual spots and gained a very popular Instagram profile. For today she has more than 1.9 million subscribers who follow her on Instagram.

The feline wasn’t an avid traveler from birth. Her owner trained Suki to walk outside with a leash with the help of short regular walking sessions. After some time, Suki discovered that there is nothing bad about walking with a leash and started enjoying traveling. The first trip of the feline was the Canadian mountains exploring. Then, Suki started exploring the neighborhood nature along with her owner frequently. She is a fearless feline who is not afraid of water, snow, and scorching temperature. Any weather conditions won’t be able to stop Suki from exploring the world. For now, this cat has already visited:

  • The USA;
  • Mexico;
  • Germany;
  • Luxemburg;
  • Belgium;
  • Czech Republic;
  • Slovenia;
  • Croatia;
  • Austria;
  • Switzerland;
  • Italy.

She likes walking on a leash and exploring new places by herself. However, when Suki is tired, she gets into a special cat backpack with a large window and enjoys trips being carried by her owners.



Napoleon’s traveling life started when Maggie and Ferdinand, his owners, adopted him from a shelter. He was small and anxious. However, good treatments and love helped him recover.

On average, he travels twice a month as his owners are an art director and a fashion stylist. He has two homes. One in NYC, and another one is in Seattle. Therefore, they frequently cross the country by plane. Also, he regularly visits Los Angeles.

He isn’t afraid to fly and enjoys every new trip. Napoleon has its traveling kit that implies a towel, mouse toy, brush, and claw scissors. Moreover, he has a traveling passport to cross borders. The cat’s owners don’t keep him in a carrier under a seat during a flight. They put the towel on their lap and let Napoleon curl up and sleep in his favorite towel during a flight. In most cases, the feline travels in business class.

By today, Napoleon has visited a lot of cities in the US and countries abroad. However, most of all, he enjoyed the trip to Palm Springs, California. He was able to lay on a balcony all day long and observe distinct species of birds.


Helpful Tips for Traveling with Cat

Bringing a feline into a trip is a huge responsibility. You have not to carry your cat only, but create a convenient environment for your furball to eliminate stress. It’s recommended to take some toys or items that will bring the feeling of home for your pet. Also, you need to get plenty of meals that your furball likes. If you’re afraid to exceed your trip budget, feel free to examine the Taste of the Wild cat food review. It is an affordable option for premium meals for felines.

Anyway, traveling with a cat is a completely different experience. You need to travel at a slower pace with a furball. It eliminates hurry in your trips and helps pay a lot of attention to details. A feline is a great companion for any trip as they bring a lot of positive emotions and make any trip unforgettable. Also, any landscape or building shot looks better with a cat at the forefront.