Eco Cameron tours review

Cameron Highlands eco tour review in Malaysia

While much of Malaysia is bathed in tropical heat and humidity, there is an area of some 712 square kilometres that enjoys a cool and dry climate up in the hills. The Cameron Highlands, so-called after a British surveyor in the 1920s is a region of outstanding natural beauty as well as some equally beautiful

What to see in Manila Philippines

Our 48 hours in Manila, Philippines

The Philippines is a place that’s always been high on our list of places to go. It’s outstanding natural beauty, friendly people and interesting history have always made us curious to explore. Like many our 3 week journey would start in the capital city of Manila. As we were in Malaysia it made it easy

The burning of the clocks festival in Brighton

There are some weird and wonderful festivals and parades in the world. Once such oddity is “The burning of the clocks” which takes place every year in Brighton, England. The festival takes place on the winter solstice, the point at which the nights are at their longest and daylight is in short supply. Started in