SQ305 Review – Singapore Airlines – London to Singapore

Now that we’re a family with a toddler travelling has a whole new set of perspectives, challenges and experiences to be had. Some filled with excitement and anticipation while others like long haul flying often fill people with dread. For years I’ve been the guy occasionally tutting at the parents who can’t stop their baby screaming

Singapore Airlines direct flights

Singapore Airlines bassinet review – (Flight SQ211 review)

We recently flew from Singapore to Sydney, two places we’ve been to before but this time we have a family. Our little daughter, at just 16 months old, is a travel junkie too but long haul flights are a new experience for us all. Travelling on planes without children is a very different experience so we

Singapore Airlines SQ319 review

SQ319 Review – Singapore Airlines – London to Singapore

Singapore is a country we always enjoy visiting, sometimes staying to check out the sights and visit friends, other times just fleeting visits as we pass through on our way to Australia. Whatever the reason for visiting Singapore there’s no shortage of flights to this tropical nation. On our latest excursion we were invited to

5 best things to do in Singapore

Singapore is a country built on cultural diversity. Over the last 300 years or so, Malays, Indians, Chinese, British and other expats have made their homes here. This ethnic mix has created a culture rich in history and strong in racial harmony. Living here in the 21st century is an opportunity to be in Asia,