Old Singapore – Where to see it

Singapore has built a reputation for being economically progressive and ultra-modern. Its shining CBD area and iconic buildings are a testament to its financial success over the decades since independence some 50 years ago. You’d be wrong for thinking that Singapore was a cold corporate place filled with glass, steel, concrete and people in suits, with

The best new tourist attractions in Singapore

Singapore is country I love to visit, having been here many times of the past 11 year  either on business or to catch up with good friends. Its an island nation most people only think to pass through or stop for a day or two on their way to other continents. Of the many experiences I’ve had

Top 5 restaurants in Singapore

Singapore is truly where east meets west, both culturally and culinary. Dining experiences are in my opinion second to none. There’s tough competition here for your hard earned money creating ever more impressive dining options and fusions of cuisines from all over the world. Having so many great restaurants to choose from makes it hard to pick

SQ308 flight review

SQ308 review – Singapore Airlines SQ308 Changi to London

After a very enjoyable 2.5 months in Asia, catching up with good friends and exploring more of both Singapore and Malaysia, it was time to head back to England via London Heathrow. Singapore Airline’s SQ308 would be our flight of choice for our return journey. So here’s my in-depth SQ308 flight review so you know exactly

Best cheap things to do in Singapore on a budget

Most people have heard of Singapore and many of you have no doubt passed through Singapore on your way to other destinations. But Singapore has much more to offer tourists than just a place to catch a connecting flight. Yes you really can find cheap things to do in Singapore on a budget. I’m going to

Reasons to visit Singapore this year

We have a real soft spot for Singapore and often get asked “why visit Singapore?” well there’s so much to explore and things to do even on a tight budget. So I’ve put together my top reasons why YOU will love Singapore too. These are just a few to get you started, plenty more to