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Days out or “excursions” are probably the most memorable part of any travel adventure. While we spend more on flights and hotels these are just tools to get us to the real excitement. Spending a day zip lining from tree to tree or flying high over your favourite city for an epic view. These are the memories Review: Our Website Browsing Experience

Have you considered renting a timeshare when going on holiday? It’s an economical choice and, literally, a home away from home. You’re probably more likely to extend my visit when I’m not confined to a hotel room. In a timeshare, people traveling together are more likely to go home still friends. With separate kitchen facilities,

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Updated for 2018 We’ve always made it our mission to explore every type of accommodation available when travelling and there’s certainly no shortage of options. There is one, however, which has plenty of reputation and is often overlooked as a viable option. Timeshares have long been a bit of a mystery to many but we actually

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If you’ve ever embarked on an independent travel adventure in any country you’ll know that often the first type of transport you’ll encounter is a taxi. In fact this first journey can often shape your perception of a new destination and set impressions that can last the entire trip. Speaking to fellow travel bloggers I know a common

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In my many varied travels over the years I’ve often utilised the internet to arrange much of our flights, hotels, excursions and tours. When there’s just 1 or 2 people, it’s so easy to do online. A few clicks and my dream holiday is booked. When it comes to group travel, though, it’s totally different story. If there’s

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Travel web sites are some of the most innovative on the internet. When it comes to dealing with “big data” for price comparisons and finding new ways to engage with the visitor, travel companies are trying to push the envelope and do something different in order to stand out. We were asked by TUI UK