Deer on the Isle of Arran

Visiting the Isle of Arran in Scotland

A friend of ours described the tiny Isle of Arran as a “miniature Scotland” which seemed an unusual description for such a tiny island off the west coast of Britain. Technically its an island off the west and east cost of Britain, sandwiched between two parts of the mainland in the Firth of Clyde. I’d

At John O'Groats

Road trip – Thurso and John O’Groats

Today is day 12 of our huge 97 day road trip and boy have we seen so much already! The idea behind our Great British Road Trip was always to see more of our own country and appreciate it as a tourist destination in its own right. The first 4 weeks are in Scotland, starting

where to go in antwerp belgium

A short break in Antwerp, Belgium

It’s probably fair to say Belgium is one of those countries that everyone has heard of but not many really know much about or what there is to do there. Flanders in particular is the northern region of Belgium and has a surprising amount of fun things to do. It’s definitely time to find out

Eco Cameron tours review

An Eco tour of the Cameron Highlands of Malsyaia

While much of Malaysia is bathed in tropical heat and humidity, there is an area of some 712 square kilometres that enjoys a cool and dry climate up in the hills. The Cameron Highlands, so-called after a British surveyor in the 1920s is a region of outstanding natural beauty as well as some equally beautiful

isail whitsundays review

ISail Whitsundays review

While in the Witsundays we sent our trusted contributor Jason Hosler to try out a sailing tour from ISail. One of the most beautiful areas in the world to sail. Here’s his full report. First, a short history ISail Whitsundays was started in 2007 by Luke and Tristram Mairs. The brothers began sailing early in

Where to go trekking in Spain

Trekking in Tenerife – Part 2

Exploring the lesser known trekking trails of Tenerife in the Canary Islands, we sent our intrepid contributor Paul Dow from to check out what alternatives there are to a holiday on an Island known for it’s party resorts. You can read part one of his trekking in Tenerife review here. Trekking Tenerife The first