Sat Nav Smartphone: 6 Hacks Travellers Need To Know

Exploring a new country used to be a euphemism for “getting lost.” Today, it’s easy to maintain your course thanks to your smartphone. By opening Google Maps or any other navigation app, you can plot your route and arrive with time to spare. Although this might be less exciting and adventurous, it does negate the

How is Technology Helping Make Travelling More Convenient?

Whether we can’t get enough of technology or we find that it’s the enemy of the new world, there’s no denying that it has changed how the world works. Today, technology makes everything easily accessible with just a click of a button in any field or industry and traveling and tourism is no different. Who

These Are the Top Brand Watches in the World

As is the case with most products on the market, not all models and types of watches are of the same quality and prestige. Top brands always combine only the most impressive craftsmanship with the utmost style and aesthetics. The results are breathtakingly beautiful watches, with unbelievable prices. In this article, we will go over

Best travel hair dryers for different types of hair

Its not easy keeping your hair in check while you travel, am I right? You have your own routine when it comes to taming your hair and travel often messes up that routine (and your hair-do!) Its not always practical to carry around your beloved hair-dryer that you use back home, and its confusing as

TEP Wireless rental

Product review: Mobile wifi while you travel with TEP Wireless

I’ll be the first to admit my life is well and truly plugged in to the internet. Or more accurately it’s wirelessly connected to it. I couldn’t live without my smartphone, my laptop, my tablet and a whole host of other wireless ready devices. For me a big part of why I travel is because

Guerrilla Backpack Daypack and laptop-Bag

Review of the Guerrilla backpack and daypack

Article written by Randy Kalp. Photos by Bethany Salvon. Let’s be honest, I am a traveler who does very minimal day hikes. So why then would I take a pack designed for the backcountry to Europe’s concrete jungles? Well, it’s simple really, I had no other choice, until San Francisco-based Guerrilla Packs came on the