With a population of just over 321,800 people, Iceland is the most sparcely populated country in Europe. Sitting between the North Atlantic and Arctic Oceans high, Iceland’s capital Reykavik is the most northerly capital in the world. The main attraction here is the landscape, with many active volcanoes, vast glaciers and the chance to see the Northern Lights. Popular attractions here include the Thingvellir National Park, the Gullfoss waterfall and the Blue Lagoon.


Iceland : A beginners guide

Iceland is a northern European island nation that sits atop the undersea Mid-Atlantic Ridge separating the tectonic plates of North America from Eurasia in the North Atlantic Ocean. Its dynamic geological offerings make it a country of dramatic beauty and ...

Reasons to visit Iceland, besides the landscape!

Reasons to visit iceland
There’s a lot to love about Iceland: black sand Atlantic beaches, vast panoramas, the aurora borealis, hot dogs. But, even before we spied our first glacier (our first several days were spent in Reykjavik), these four Icelandic staples below warmed ...