A short break guide to Birmingham, England

I’m often asked where is good for a weekend in the UK and after traversing the entire United Kingdom back in 2012 I can now list a huge number of worthy destinations I’d highly recommend. One […]

My favourite places in England

We love our home country of England and we’re often asked what we’d recommend you do when travelling here. Its all too easy to fly in to London and think that ticking off the tourist boxes […]

How to visit London on a budget

London is one of the most popular tourist destinations around the world and is the preferred vacation spot for many travel enthusiasts. From the London Bridge to the Big Ben and from the London Eye […]

Warner Brothers Harry Potter Studio Tour

Magical things to do in and around London

Do you and your family have a trip to London planned? Perhaps you’re looking for ideas for things to do that will appeal to all ages? Here are some suggestions for activities that most family […]

Royal Ascot best view of races

Royal Ascot 2018 – Which is the best day to go?

Ascot is one of the most famous racecourses in England, if not the entire world! People come from all over to visit this sacred horse racing ground and while there’s plenty of races throughout the […]

Football matches in London

3 Must-experience British cultural experiences

For a small island nation we do seem to have quite a global image, one filled with quirky British traditions and past times that other countries may find a little odd. Much like the range […]

Driving on the left in London

Is driving in london hard? My advice for tourists

For those who are new to the city, London can present some distinct challenges when driving about. Even people from the UK who are used to city driving will find the capital and intense place […]

Albert Dock Liverpool

The best cities to visit in the north of England

There is much more to Britain than the English capital. I think you’ll agree!England has numerous large cities in the north of the country. You have Sheffield, Leeds, Manchester and Liverpool to name but a […]

airlines flying from Gatwick airport

Useful info on Gatwick Airport, London

Gatwick airport is one of the busiest airports in the United Kingdom and if you’re flying to England or indeed live in the south of England you may find yourself here one day.So with this […]

Best things to do in Brighton

The cosmopolitan city of Brighton has so much to offer and so close to London! Here’s out top 10 must sees.