South Korea

5 Things to do on Geoje Island, Korea

Oedo Island
1. Hike Mt. Daegumsan Being a country that’s 70% mountains, hiking is a pretty popular thing to do in Korea in general, but in my opinon, the hikes in Geoje are much more interesting. Hiking Mt. Daegumsan was especially interesting ...
South Korea

A guide to expat life in South Korea

Arienne and Tristan in Busan
Meet Arienne Parzei and Tristan Thackray, two Canadians from Toronto who have spent the last two years living in South Korea. Working as English teachers, they’ve experienced the culture, lifestyle and history of this quirky country and are now backpacking ...
South Korea

Cost Saving Tips for Traveling South Korea

By Arienne Parzei  Generally speaking, South Korea is not an expensive country to visit. It falls right in the middle of the price spectrum when comparing it to Japan and China. Lodging, transportation, and food are the three main areas where ...