Visiting the ruins of Gedi in Kenya

Gedi city ruins
A small sign on the dusty red earth side road suggested the way to Gedi. By the small gateway, one that would not have looked out of place in a suburban British driveway, stood a small concrete ticket office where ...

5 things to know about ancient Egypt

the pyramids in egypt
Lately, it’s Egypt’s history in the making that’s been grabbing headlines. But it’s a more ancient sort of history that lures most of us into Egyptian travels. The fascination starts early. Teachers go large on Ancient Egypt, because they know it ...

Why visit Agadir, Morocco

things to see in morrocco
When you think of Morocco, you automatically think of Marrakech, yet the city of Agadir is a destination in its own right, thanks to year-round sunshine and it’s numerous attractions. Flights from the UK are direct, which means little, or ...