Egypt’s million square kilometres is bordered by Africa, Asia and Europe and has a population of over 79 million people. Most famously, Egypt is home to one of the Ancient wonders of the world, The Pyramids with those at Giza and the Valley of the Kings drawing huge crowds. Top experiences include cruising the Nile, visiting the Red Sea and a trip to Sharm El Sheik.


Egypt’s Top 10 places to visit

Set in the northeast corner of Africa, Egypt is an enigmatic destination that draws thousands of intrigued tourists every year. With a fascinating history and heritage that dates back 3200 years BC, Egypt has many surprises in store for its ...

5 things to know about ancient Egypt

the pyramids in egypt
Lately, it’s Egypt’s history in the making that’s been grabbing headlines. But it’s a more ancient sort of history that lures most of us into Egyptian travels. The fascination starts early. Teachers go large on Ancient Egypt, because they know it ...