Home designs I acquired during traveling

Coming up with the beautiful home design does not happen overnight, especially as this concept needs time and specifications. With the proper plan, you can achieve the look that you want for each corner, wall, […]

7 Amazing Things you can do for free in Normandy

The attractions of Normandy are spread throughout the country, so we suggest you to spend a couple of days in one or two towns or take a few weeks, rent a car and enjoy your […]

What’s On The Agenda When Taking A Longer Than Average Vacation

Sometimes the normal holiday and vacation can just seem like it passes us by within a blink of an eye. It is one of those things we look forward to, and then the time just […]

How To Plan Your Perfect Trip

Planning your perfect trip is a lot of fun. You get to sit and daydream of all of the locations, scroll Pinterest and blogs for tips about where to go. You have a lot to […]

Tonle Sap tara boat cruise

Review: Tonle Sap Lake River Cruise

When people think of Cambodia they naturally think of Angkor Wat and its beautiful temples. Siem Reap is the nearby town that has rapidly expanded in recent years to accommodate the ever-increasing number of tourists […]

Prasta Thom, Koh Ker Cambodia

How to see Angkor temples in Cambodia

In recent years the temples of Angkor Wat in Cambodia have become a tourist mecca. Sometimes as crowded as the tourist spots of Venice, their immense beauty and power can be diluted by the hundreds […]

La Java Bleue in Kampot

La Java Bleue Hotel in Kampot

Kampot has changed a lot in recent years. Once the last a stronghold of the Khmer Rouge, it was a city heavily ruined and largely evacuated of it’s residents. Thankfully since then tourism is steadily […]

Bokor Hill station tour in Kampot, Cambodia

If you head to Kampot in Cambodia one tour you’ll be sure to see at every hotel and tour operator is a trip up to the Bokor Hill Station. Once a high class French casino […]

5 ways to volunteer in Cambodia

Give something back when you travel in Cambodia. 5 great ways to volunteer.

sunrise over angkor wat

Visiting the Angkor Wat temples of Cambodia

The temples of Angkor Wat in Cambodia are widely considered to be one of the wonders of the world.