Fort Kochi Kerala

Kerala – A personal travel experience in India

Travelling the world as a tourist can easily slip into a superficial affair of ticking off the highlights, skimming the surface of what’s available before moving on to the next location.This isn’t how I like […]

Reasons to Visit Festival Fairs in Kerala

Kerala is a land of lush green nature, rich diversity, and festival fairs. Be it winter or monsoon, summer or spring, Kerala hosts breathtaking festival fairs all year-round. Vibrant colours, unique cuisine, old school traditions, […]

Visiting Leh, India

The capital of Ladakh, Leh is a popular destination for holidaymakers looking to experience a true taste of India. You will struggle to find another destination that is as hassle-free yet traveller-friendly as Leh. It […]

India travel guide holiday ideas

Where to go in India this year

Its landscapes and beauty spots are what makes India score highly on most people’s must-visit lists. If you are reading this, you’ve probably considered a trip to this mesmerising country. And who could blame you? […]

Top Indian destinations for 2018

India should be high on your bucket list for so many reasons. Taking a trip there is like being thrown in to the deep end of culture, history, art, religion and so much more. Whether […]

Reasons to Visit Rajasthan in India

India is a brilliant mosaic of the exotic, romantic, mysterious, burnished throughout its 6,000 years of history and tempered by a collage of cultures. And like a mosaic, any image of India is designed with […]

Best of India 2018 – Indian Travel Itinerary

India is huge, and it is filled with history, art and spirituality and the architectural elements of all three.We had two and a half weeks, and so plotted out our itinerary with precision, aided by […]

Goa holiday travel guide

Why go to Goa? Here’s some great reasons to visit

For decades Goa is a destination that signifies exotic holidays, spiritual awakening and freedom of travel. Pretty much the 3 reasons we all love to travel the world. So what brings so many people back […]

A travel guide to Bangalore

Bangalore the Garden city of India – Reasons to visit

Bangalore is the third-largest city in India and was once called “The Garden City” because of its many green spaces. Home to more than 12 million people it attracts of 1.5 million tourists a year. Here’s […]

India travel guide holiday ideas

My ideal Indian itinerary for an unforgettable holiday

A trip to India is often a once in a lifetime opportunity so of course, you’ll want to fit in as much as you possibly can do. With sacred sites, wonders of the world, a […]