The best of Cantabria

By Emma Stuart from You may not have heard of Cantabria. Despite being a popular destination for Spanish and French tourists, this northern province of Spain is relatively unknown to the rest of us. Cantabria boasts sandy beaches to relax on, plenty of regional food specialities to feast on and mountains and national parks

best festival in europe

Three Kings Parade in Fuengirola, Spain – My review

If you are lucky enough to be on your holidays in the Costa del Sol in early January you can enjoy all the benefits of the sunny weather and also join in on the festive celebrations of the Three Kings Parade in Fuengirola. When is the Three Kings parade? The Three Kings parade is held

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Costa Del Sol road trip itinerary and travel advice

The Costa del Sol, to the east of Malaga in Spain is a beautiful region of coastline that stretches for some 150 km (93 miles), for 54 km east of Malaga. So why not take a Cost Del Sol road trip! Since the 1960s this coastal region of Spain has been popular with holiday makers from

Festes de la Merce

The best festivals in Barcelona – [VIDEO GUIDES]

Barcelona, capital of Catalonia, is second only to Madrid when it comes to commerce, culture and sport, and is one of Europe’s great cities. It fairly vibrates with life and energy and this is expressed volcanically in its many festivals, which burst to the surface in a series of colourful explosions throughout the year. I

Flamenco show in Seville

6 must-visit sights in Seville, Spain

By Keri Allan from For my latest trip I did something I never do – no planning whatsoever! I knew very little about Seville before I got there, but decided to explore somewhere new with no preconceptions, and I was pleasantly surprised. I discovered Seville as I went, and what I found was an

5 best things to do in Seville, Spain

Seville is located in Andalucia -the southern area of Spain-, and it is probably the most underrated city of the country. Unfortunately, many visitors tend to focus on Madrid and Barcelona while leaving Seville behind. So if you plan to visit Spain some time soon, don’t miss it because it’s a gorgeous place with lots