Best Group Treks in Bowral

When you want to get away from it all and get out into nature, there’s perhaps nowhere better to head to than Bowral. It’s the largest town in the Southern Highlands of NSW, Australia, and it offers a whole host of different activities, places to eat, and beautiful places to stay. With so much going on, we thought we’d stop by and introduce you to the best group treks the local area has to offer. That way when you want to enjoy every moment of your stay, you’ll have everything you need to pick a great activity for the day ahead.

Carrington Falls

There’s perhaps no greater sight in the Bowral area than the majestic Carrington Falls. As you watch the water cascade down the rocks you are left with an image that will stay with you for a lifetime; one which is certainly worth the hard yards trekking up to the top. Just make sure to get an early start so you can have your pick of the picnic areas as you sit back and take in a stunning view unlike any other.

Berrima River Walk

The beauty of the Berrima river walk is that it takes you on a journey unlike any other in the area. If you want to explore nature, stretch your legs, and find plenty of camping and picnic grounds to stop off at along the way, look no further folks. You’ll also get to see what German merchant seamen built on the banks of the Wingecarribee River whilst they were interned during the First World War — a true historical curiosity if ever there were one. And at only 1.8 km long, the route offers a great way to get the whole family enjoying the sunshine and fresh air.

Box Vale Mine Walk

Follow the local historic railway line, delve into the 84 metre long tunnel, and see a whole new side to NSW with this one of a kind group trek. There’s a carpark and picnic site at the end, and plenty to see and do along the way. If you’re someone who likes to put your best foot forward and enjoy life, we won’t spoil the surprises you’ll find along the way. Just make sure to take your camera, tie those walking boots on tight, and get ready to experience a group trek that’s sure to live long in the memory.

Glow Worm Glen

Last but not least, we come to a group trek with a name that’s sure to live long in the memory. It’s located in the Morton National Park, and offers a whole host of evening activities for you and the kids. It’s a chance to get out into nature, ditch the screen time and meet a whole host of glowing creatures that bring the area to life. If you’ve never seen this kind of thing in person then trust us: a quick Google search simply won’t do it justice.

Now that you’ve heard what we have to say, all you need to do is decide what you want to do first. Enjoy!

Top 10 Birding Destinations in the World

With more than 10,000 species of birds in the world, it is no surprise that bird watching is already a major hobby with millions across the globe. As our winged friends exist in almost every part of the world, it means excellent bird watching opportunities almost everywhere. Birders can spend hours in search of their favorite species and lifers. They show immense patience when it comes to observing birds and learning about their habitat, food preferences, call sounds and identifying features.

Birds are the quintessential travelers within the word, and one can only envy their freedom to fly away in search of food or mate. There are some travel destinations that are regarded as the leading spots for birdwatching. Every year, hundreds and thousands of bird lovers travel to these destinations looking for unique species and birding opportunities.

Here are some of the leading bird-watching destinations to visit now for avid birders and fellow naturalists.


Caroni Swamp in Trinidad is one of the best birdwatching spots in the Caribbean. All you need to do is go on a boat trip down the canal and mangroves and later enter the lake. Watch out for the national bird of Trinidad, the Scarlet Ibis, which can be easily spotted in the region. You can see their vibrant colors as they get closer and can be spotted along the coast of Venezuela. Different types of kingfishers and flycatchers are some other exotic birds found in the Caribbean.

Costa Rica

Another famous spot for birdwatching in Costa Rica that boasts of beautiful birdlife. There are dozens of nature reserves in the verdant country and with hundreds of species living in them. In fact, you can spot several colorful species here like parrots, toucans, hummingbirds, quetzals and more of those feathered friends. Wilson Botanical Gardens in the south and Curi-Cancha Reserve boast of hundreds of bird species. You can easily spot trogons and motmots as you walk through those reserves.

Peruvian Amazon

Another highly recommended destination for bird lovers is the Peruvian Amazon. You can start your trip near Cusco, and it will take some hours before you reach Manu biosphere reserve and the Amazonian lowlands. Make a base at one of the lovely lodges and try to spot more than 500+ bird species in the mid-latitude forests. Common species include Golden-headed Quetzal, Cock-of-the-Rock, Agami Heron and Sunbittern. It is no wonder to see the spot famous as the ultimate birding destination.

Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea is a fantastic country and more so for those winged creatures. Some Bird-of-Paradise species indeed make it one of the most popular birdwatching destinations. You can spot a wide array of colorful birds that can be easily seen during the dry season and between June and October. However, keen birding enthusiasts can spot fascinating species at any time of year. One of the most famous species is the nation’s national bird, the Raggiana, which is well known for its magnificent plumage. It performs an impressive courtship dance to impress its mate, and the dance is considered to be a unique birding spectacle.

Florida, USA

Everglades National Park in Florida is another excellent place for birders. This national park was set up in 1947 to protect flora and fauna of the region. The national park boasts of a unique and vulnerable bird population and is home to hundreds of species of birds. Watch out for snail kites, white-crowned pigeons, Great blue herons, and Smooth-billed anis. Some of the best months for birding are January and April. And one should start early to spot their favorite species of the birds in the Everglades National Park.


Spain, the second-largest country of Europe, boasts a hugely diverse landscape as well as hundreds of species of birds. There is a mind-boggling range of birds here, thanks to the varied habitats. You can scan the skies for Lammergeiers flying across the snow-capped mountains or admire the Great and Little Bustards in the open plains. Look out for migrating raptors and storks over Tarifa on their journey between Europe and Africa.  Watch out for the avian bubblegum, a flock of Greater Flamingos moving across a coastal saltpan.


Norfolk in Britain is world-famous for birdwatching, and it is considered one of the best birding regions in this part of the world. Thanks to its wide range of habitats such as marshlands and dunes, a vast array of bird species can be seen nesting here throughout the year. You can spot some rare birds like marsh harrier and can witness migratory birds from the Arctic in the top reserves here. There are black-tailed godwits, warblers, and Marshes as well as bearded tits and seabirds that can be spotted the whole year-round.


Pichincha Province in Ecuador is indeed an amazing place for birdwatchers. Thanks to the fantastic diversity of wildlife and a wide range of habitats, you will find more than a thousand species of birds in Ecuador. Go on a boat to make the most of your birding trip and see the iconic toucans who live at the tops of trees. It can be tough to spot them from the ground. Apart from the toucan, you can spot parrots and lots of hummingbirds near the Amazon River. Many visitors prefer to go rafting on the river for a great birdwatching trip.


The arid Kalahari Desert of Africa is indisputably one of Africa’s finest destinations for animal and bird watching. The expansive wetlands because of the Okavango River that flows from the Angolan highlands is teeming with bird species like Western Banded Snake Eagle, African Pygmy Goose, African Skimmer, and many more. Look for the leggy Slaty Egret and White-backed Night Heron near Maun. You might be able to spot the curious Pel’s Fishing Owl and Orange River Francolin and Boulder Chat in the drier region of Botswana.

South Georgia

If you are in search of Penguin colonies, you can find them in many parts across the globe, but nothing can match the experience you get in South Georgia. You will come across hundreds of thousands of King penguins around St Andrews Bay. Get ready for one of the most iconic sights in the southern hemisphere. This is indeed once-in-a-lifetime wildlife experience as you can walk around them and even sit with them. The major attractions are the King penguins, and one can spot other species too like seabirds, gulls, Albatross and some more species of penguin.


So these were the top ten birding destinations as per us. There are plenty more in the world and should be on every birders list.

Best food to try in Andalucia – [Seville, Cordoba,…

We sent Karis Bouher, a blogger and food lover to sample the best food to try in Andalucia. Here’s how she got on.

Andalucia is a diverse region in southern Spain that receives on average 300 days of sun every year. You’ll find perfect beaches and picturesque mountains, alongside rich history from its Moorish past.

As a result, the whole of the Andalucia region is a stunning tourist destination where thousands flock every year for time away from the hustle of their everyday lives. One thing that people may not realise about this region is that it produces amazing food – world-class seafood on the coast, beasts in the shade of the trees, and fresh, organic fruit and vegetables galore. So I’m keen to share with you the best food to try in Andalucia this year!

I was lucky to tour half of the region recently as part of the Tasty Andalucia campaign, which aims to showcase the produce that comes from its eight provinces. We visited Huelva, Seville, Cordoba and Cadiz over four very busy days to try and take in all they could offer.

Here are my highlights:

Plankton from Plancton Marino

Contrary to popular belief, plankton isn’t just for whales! Plancton Marino grow their plankton at Veta La Palma, a fish farm within Doñana National Park.

Best food to try in Andalucia

You wouldn’t think to pop this vibrant green product of the sea into your cooking, but it’s gaining in popularity and chefs all over Spain love working with it and for good reason – it tastes like the sea and brings a refreshing flavour to their dishes.

Andalucia cuisine

I recommend trying plankton at Sanbers Restaurant in Seville in the form of plankton ceviche or a local specialty, Tortilla de Camarones – a Camarone shrimp fritter a bit like a giant chip.

Andalucia food to try

Organic strawberries from Flor de Doñana

Also within the Doñana National Park, you’ll find a berry farm dedicated to producing organic strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries using sustainable practices (plus, they have a donkey sanctuary!). The passion at Flor de Doñana for what they grow is contagious and after meeting the team there, I was just as excited as they are about their products and their farming techniques.

Best Andalucia food to try

I was lucky enough to eat their fresh strawberries and raspberries, and pick a punnet myself, which I got home a week later and ate with just a little clotted cream for dessert – divine!

The best strawberries from Andalucia

Flor de Doñana send their produce to Switzerland, Germany and the UK, where you’ll find them at Waitrose and Sainsbury’s – if you’re lucky!

An aside – Doñana National Park

While you’re in the area, do check out the Doñana National Park. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage site  home to all manner of wildlife, including that much-loved pink bird – the flamingo (well, 40,000 of them!). Bird watchers and non-bird watchers alike will love exploring. Find out more here.

Spanish ham from Cinco Jotas

Considered one of the best –and the most expensive–  hams in the world, Cinco Jotas (or 5J) is one of the oldest jamon brands  in Spain and certainly one of the most respected. It’s a family-run business who pride themselves on not just the high quality of their acorn-fed ham, but the process of making it.

Spanish ham from Cinco Jotas

The whole process was an eye-opener for me: the 100{bec4beb4183ddc16376e6eff89836f2abe3407e857522bf84005ba0ad48d654d} Iberico pigs (pata negra) are farmed around the Iberian peninsula to ensure they live their best lives before being slaughtered. Each pig has 2 hectares of lush green land, with plenty of oak trees to satisfy their hunger for acorns. When they say ‘happy as a pig in mud’, what they should say is ‘happy as an Iberico pig eating acorns’ – I’ve seen it! All those acorns give the meat and fat flavour, which is of course why Cinco Jotas jamon is so good.

Cinco Jotas jamon from Andalucia

Once they are ready, the pigs are slaughtered (humanely) and then butchered, ready for the curing process to begin in Jabugo, Huelva. Simply put, there is a little more than salt and a lot of passion that goes into the curing process, but it really is more complicated than that and I don’t want to spoil a trip to the Cinco Jotas curing cellars in Jabugo to see how the ham is made (and you’ll get to try some) (€15). You can buy Cinco Jotas ham online here.

Cinco Jotas Jamon

Hacienda Guzman Olive Oil

Olive oil is a massive part of Spanish culture and tradition. But, did you know that Spain is the world’s biggest producer of olive oil and much of the production happens in Andalucia?

Andalucia Olive Oil

I visited Hacienda Guzman for a tour and olive oil tasting. Olive oil tasting, I hear you ask? Yes, it’s totally a thing! It was actually my second time tasting olive oil the proper way and let me tell you, it’s very different to wine tasting. If you’ve never done it, it’s absolutely worth it for what you’ll learn.

Andalucia Food and Drink guide

If you enjoy seeing where your food comes from, take a trip to Hacienda Guzman. Their olive museum will give you the opportunity to see more than 150 varieties of olive tree from 13 countries. Plus, their 18th Century oil mill and courtyard will give you an insight into how olive oil was made hundreds of years ago (and how it has improved significantly, of course). In fact, Hacienda Guzman was owned and run by Christopher Colombus’ son, Hernando Colón, who exported the olive oil he produced there to the Americas.

My favourite was the Reserva Familiar Arbequina (pink bottle), you can buy it online.

Langostinos (prawns) from Sanlúcar

Sanlucar is known for its King Prawns, in fact they are the only prawn in Spain with a designation of origin. And, they’re really good! These prawns don’t need much in the way of preparation – just boil them, and sprinkle with salt; you honestly don’t even need sauces, they’re that good!

Sanlucar king prawns

Eat them in Sanlúcar de Barrameda, just an hour and a half from Seville on the coast.

If you’re a passionate prawn lover, you may want to attend the Feria de Langostino, or Festival of Sanlúcar Prawns, held once a year by the Cofradía de Pescadores de Sanlúcar.

The best food to try in Andalucia – With thanks…

I was lucky to visit Spain recently as a guest of the Tasty Andalucia campaign. I would like to thank the companies who looked after us during the trip: Plancton Marino at Veta La Palma, Hacienda Guzman, Flor de Doñana, Cinco Jotas, Bodegas Robles, Gonzalez Byass, The Osbourne Group  and The Fishermen’s Association of Sanlucar.

5 Reasons Why You Should stay In a Villa…

Imagine a quaint island surrounded by the turquoise-blue ocean. Imagine waking up and taking a walk on the soft sand that glows golden in the warmth of the sun. Add charming villages, a vibrant capital city and rugged mountains to the scene, and you have the perfect place to visit for a retreat. This is the charm and appeal of Mallorca, an island located in the Western Mediterranean.

Mallorca is home to magical and breath-taking beauty and it presents an exquisite mix of history and culture. Being a tourist attraction, Mallorca is home to numerous villas designed with detail to cater to every comfort and need of the visitors. These luxury villas faultlessly capture the true essence of the Mallorca Island.

Booking a villa for your stay in the island of Mallorca is the best decision you can make after choosing Mallorca as your vacation destination – here are a few reasons why;

Villas Capture the True Essence of the Island

The villas on the island of Mallorca are perfect representatives of the rich culture of the island. Some perfectly capture the history that is embedded deep into the roots of Mallorca. Most of them are built on the traditional architectural style and decorated with locally crafted furniture. The cuisine that is part of the meal plan of the villas includes many of the island’s specialities.

Villas Are the Epitome of Luxury

Mallorca is home to some of the most luxurious villas. The detailing, the thought that is put into building each and every villa, and the minute details that are prominent in every room bring out luxury in all of its glory. These luxury villas in Mallorca feature amenities such as a private pool for the guests to spend their afternoons soaking the sun. Other than such amenities, every villa has something unique to offer to the visitors. For some, the attraction lies in the blissful comfort that the villas offer, for others it is the rustic detailing that is perfectly given a touch up of modernity.

Villas are Perfectly Located

Despite the peaceful and solitary experience they offer, most villas are built on properties that are close to major attractions that the island of Mallorca has to offer. If you decide to stay in a villa during your trip to Mallorca, your task of travelling to visit various different sites or shop at the renowned Mallorca shops will become easier and less time-consuming. There are villas built close to the major historical monuments and buildings, so history fanatics have the perfect play to grab from the market when visiting the island.

La Seu – Cathedral of Palma, Mallorca, Baleares, Spain

Villas Can Accommodate Large Groups

There is a diverse array of options when it comes to choosing a villa for your stay on the island of Mallorca. Be it a couple on their honeymoon wanting a romantic setting, a family wanting to spend some quality time together or a group of friends on a trip to celebrate their graduation, you can always find a villa perfect for you. The Island even has villas that can accommodate huge groups for events such as weddings.


A Villa Is Home Away from Home

Villas allow you to live with your loved ones just like you would live together back at home. The comfort and relaxation offered at the villas of Mallorca will make you feel like you never left the comfort zone of your own home. Every aspect is covered and all possible tasks are taken care of for you from the beginning. All you will have to worry about is which beach to visit or which dress to wear when you go shopping.

Villas are a tourist’s best bet when it comes to planning a trip to the enchanting island of Mallorca and the wide variety of luxury villas in Mallorca makes it easier to find one that fulfils all your desires.

A guide to Uganda Gorilla Trekking – My advice

Visiting the critically endangered mountain gorillas deep in the jungles of central and East Africa is a humbling and torching adventure.

With over 1000 individual mountain gorillas surviving in the central and East African tropical rain forests, mountain gorilla trekking is the main funding source for the conservation and sustainability of these intriguing manlike endangered giants.

When to see GorillasEach Uganda gorilla safari is a direct contribution for the protection works of mountain gorillas in Africa and hence, each gorilla permit purchase is a contribution to gorilla conservation and local community sustainability.

In the 20’s, mountain gorilla tourism has become a popular safari adventure – top bucket list for all Africa travels, and hence a great need to guiding information for all travellers planning a gorilla tour in Uganda’s Bwindi national park and Mgahinga national park.

Which National park to choose

Uganda had two gorilla national parks – Bwindi impenetrable national park and Mgahinga national park, both situated south west of the country and can be reached both by road and air transport.


By Road, Bwindi and Mgahinga gorilla parks are 8-9 hours drive from Kampala capital city. By charter flight from Kampapa, just 30 minutes from Entebbe to Kisori air strip and Kihihi air strip.

From Kigali – Rwanda is a shorter distance crossing into Uganda with 3 – 4 hours drive into Bwindi or Mgahinga national parks.

Check out this amazing video of Gorilla Treks in Uganda from The World Pursuit.


Best Gorilla Park – Bwindi impenetrable forest or Mgahinga national Park?

Bwindi forest national park is the most popular gorilla park for travelers looking at visiting gorillas in Uganda. Bwindi forest is home to half the world’s remaining mountain gorilla population – about 500 gorillas, with 12 habituated gorilla groups, 2 gorilla habituation adventure groups. This means Bwindi offers travelers diversity of gorilla groups with no chance of missing out on gorilla permit and a 100{bec4beb4183ddc16376e6eff89836f2abe3407e857522bf84005ba0ad48d654d} guarantee to seeing gorillas in the jungle.

virunga gorilla trek

Secondly Bwindi gorilla forest offers a typical wild jungle adventure for adventure seekers. Bwindi is called impenetrable because of its thick vegetation cover and a typical hiking adventure. Bwindi comprises of a mountainous terrain for hikers and a gentle terrain for non hikers.

Mgahinga national park has one gorilla group, which in the past Used to periodically migrate with the the Virunga conservation region which has for long settled in Mgahinga national park.

Best Time to visit gorillas

Visiting gorillas in Uganda can be done all year round, but the dryer season is more preferred than the rainy seasons. The dry season runs from December through early March and June – September and the rainy season Late March – April and november.

When to see Gorillas

During the rainy seasons the Uganda Wildlife Authourity (  gorilla permits are discounted to $450 from $600 to encourage traveler to come see gorillas even during the rainy seasons at a reduced price!

All in all Uganda is a tropical region with generally cool temperatures all year round and  can rain any time of the year even in the dry season or even not rain some days in the rainy season.

Buying Gorilla Permits / Requirements / Costs

Its a must for every visitor to buy a gorilla permit to see one or more gorilla groups, or go for gorilla habituation experience.  Uganda gorilla permits go for $600 during the dry / high seasons and $450 during the low / rainy seasons.

Each gorilla family can be visited once each day, but a group of 8 people. Uganda currently has 12 gorilla groups hence, 96 gorilla permits are available each day with 8 others for gorilla habituation experience newly introduced in Bwindi gorilla forest for visitors wanting to stay longer with gorillas as take part in gorilla habituation experience.

Buying your gorilla permit

If you book through a tour company, the company will obtain your permit for you. If visiting independently, you can book your permits directly from the Uganda Wildlife authority website at

Which Group to choose and level of difficulty

Bwindi national park offers 11 gorilla groups with 2 other groups for gorilla habituation experience. reeking each gorilla group is quite different from the others. Bwindi has both  easy, medium and tough hikes, and its necessary to inform your guide of which trek you can manage. Some groups are near the park boundaries ad hence easy to find while others are far away in the mountains and hence require hiking.

Top Tip: Work on your fitness even if going for a simple hike – gorillas are wild animals and keep moving.

Gorilla Trekking Rules

Importantly, don’t go when sick – gorillas are just like human being – we share 98{bec4beb4183ddc16376e6eff89836f2abe3407e857522bf84005ba0ad48d654d} DNA hence human diseases easily catch gorillas but they have less immunity to fight illness unlike us humans. Gorilla tourism is generally aimed at conservation of mountain gorillas and not to kill them. Don go when sick! Inform your guide and can have a refund

Gorilla trekking advice

  • Camera – No Flash light allowed when photographing gorillas. That spontaneous light can scare off the gorillas and he can become violent.
  • Keep a distance of 7 meters say form the gorillas. Meeting the gorillas makes you vulnerable and emotional. You feel you want to comfort them, but no!! Keep the regulated distance to protect the gorillas
  • Avoid eye contact, it could threaten the gorillas
  • Don’t eat or drink when with the gorillas

For more useful information go to

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Gràcia Barcelona

Where to stay in barcelona for nightlife

The city of Barcelona is amazing, expansive and full of life and culture.

There are so many great areas to consider when deciding where to stay in the city, it can be overwhelming to choose just one.

So to help you pick the area which best suits you, here are some neighbourhoods I recommend as the best places to stay in barcelona for nightlife, each with its own style and experiences to offer.


GràciaGràcia is unique and full of life. Until the late 19th century this area was independent of Barcelona, and it still retains a strong local community. Many artists are attracted and inspired by its happy mix of young and old, traditional and bohemian. Plaça del Sol is a popular square in Gràcia, surrounded by terrace cafés.

Every night you can find some excitement here along with many other people who come for a drink and a little fun.

Gràcia is an area in which you can stay and never leave. It has everything you will need like restaurants, shops, grocery stores, bars and much more. It even has its own Gaudí architecture: the beautiful Casa Vicens.

However, if you decide to venture out of the neighbourhood, the Joanic and Fontana metro stops service the area and it’s only a ten minute ride to Plaça Catalunya.

Quirky, unique, local feel

Gràcia Barcelona


BarcelonetaThis beach neighborhood is the perfect place to stay in summer, and it too has everything you need.

Here you’ll find the most popular beach in the city, the Barcelona Aquarium, the Catalunya History Museum, many restaurants and cafés, shops and nightlife.

Several of Barcelona’s best nightclubs such as Shôko and Opium Mar, are located on the beachfront in the nearby area of Port Olympic, which also makes it ideal for those who love to party.

Barceloneta’s most attractive feature is its beautiful beach. It is always busy with sun worshippers and people selling anything from an ice cold mojito to a massage. You can spend the day soaking up the sun, playing volleyball or tucking into one of the best paellas in the city at a seafront restaurant.


Sunny, vibrant, excellent amenities

Tip: I recommend renting an apartment in Barcelona to get the best feel for the city. It’s a comfortable way to stay and can be a much cheaper alternative, especially when visiting in a large group.


example barcelonaThe Eixample district is unique, and is divided into the right side, Eixample Dreta, and left side, Eixample Esquerra, by the famous Passeig de Gràcia avenue. This is the street where you’ll find the spectacular Casa Batlló and Casa Milà by Antoni Gaudí.

Eixample Esquerra is a popular area for clubs and bars.

Within this area there are a few blocks which are sometimes referred to as Gaixample, as they have become a welcoming home to many of the city’s LGBT residents and visitors.


On the outskirts you’ll find one of Barcelona’s most popular attractions: The Magic Fountain of Montjuïc.

Eixample Dreta is an elegant, modern area of the city home to Gaudí’s masterpiece, the Sagrada Familia. This is a very family friendly area with good access to the rest of the city by metro and bus.

This part of the Eixample is full of modernist architecture, from large flats to fancy lamp posts, just take a look around and you will see the small charming details. ON a side note, if you’re thinking you could teach english while traveling in Spain it might be a great way to extend your stay.

Central, large, plenty to do



Poble Sec

Poble SecThe Poble Sec neighborhood near Montjuïc Hill is becoming increasingly popular with visitors to the city.

More people than ever are now choosing to stay in this area to avoid large crowds typical of areas like Las Ramblas, while still remaining close to all the sights either on foot or by public transport.

There is quick access to the popular street Paral-lel, which has many restaurants and bars, and was once the center of Barcelona’s nightlife.

I recommend heading to Carrer Blai for some delicious 1€ tapas.

Local, central, great food & drinks

Gothic Quarter

Gothic Quarter in BarcelonaThe Barri Gòtic is in a great, central location, and is very popular with the international crowd.

With the famous Las Ramblas on one side and the chic El Born neighborhood on the other, this part of the Old Town has plenty to offer visitors.

You can really see its history when you walk down the narrow cobblestone streets, with Roman ruins and spectacular medieval architecture scattered everywhere.

This area is also known for its lively nightlife and pretty squares like Plaça Reial.

The Cathedral of Barcelona is located in this area. It is an amazing sight, with its amazing architecture, 14th century gargoyles watching over you, and 13 white geese that live in the cloister.

Super-central, lively, historic