Most Exciting European Rail Routes

Travelling through Europe doesn’t get much better than rail. As this continent is pretty compact and incredibly well connected, a rail holiday will allow you to experience loads in a short space of time. Trains run all around Europe, passing some of the most spectacular sights and scenic routes. Not only is this form of

Jostedalsbreen Glacier

Norway’s Most Stunning Natural Wonders

With breathtaking landscapes, a rich Viking heritage, a mysteriously backward belief in woodland trolls, and the undisputable magic of the Aurora Borealis, Norway is a truly miraculous place. For dreamers, it’s a romantic world of outstanding natural beauty. For avid travellers, it’s an endless playground of must-see bucket list places. Here are some of the

where to go in Norway Bergen

6 amazing places to visit in Norway

Norway is an awesome country to discover step by step. It changes a lot from one season to another; it enchants the winter traveler with its soft white atmosphere, its sweet winter tenderness that creates a cosy world with short dark days transforming your stay in an explosions of different sensations, and it astonishes the summer