When is the best time of year to visit New Zealand?

With so many amazing places to visit and different activities available in the island country, it’s no wonder many people wonder when the best month to visit New Zealand is. The simple answer is, it depends. The ideal time to visit New Zealand varies according to your preferences: Would you rather lay on the beach

6 Cool Things to do in New Zealand

New Zealand is a place often looked over when travelers think of going to a new place. New Zealand isn’t just all “Lord of the Rings” and no play, it’s also a sand destination full of beaches, impressive architecture and a lot of history. Let’s not forget about the giant mountains, beautiful hiking scenery, and

Family travel in New Zealand – Great activities

When it comes to natural beauty, a tranquil atmosphere, rich culture, and friendly locals, New Zealand can offer these qualities in abundance. Wouldn’t you agree? This two-island nation boasts long, dreamy coastlines and a subtle climate with wonderfully maintained national parks that contain every type of landscape as well as hundreds if not thousands of

Five Best Family Friendly Adventures in New Zealand

New Zealand sits in the southwestern Pacific Ocean and is spread across two main islands with stunning collection of smaller, mostly uninhabited islands, all of which are gorgeous, highly explorable, and filled with lush forests, idyllic beaches, and jagged mountain peaks that rise and fall across deep azure coastlines and breathtaking lakes and Fjords. New

Coromandel and Auckland Travel review with #GoByCamper

Our amazing three weeks in New Zealand were nearing at an end, starting all the way down south in Queenstown, travelling through mountains, around glaciers, through the wine country and even mystical movie sets too. Finally reaching our last two destinations on the epic #GoByCamper road trip with Maui Motohomes. Coromandel While Coromandel may appear