Top 4 Destinations in New Zealand for Gamblers

New Zealand attracts many international tourists, and this beautiful county is one of the most popular destinations. Visitors can enjoy stunning nature, modern cities and have a lot of fun. Among the different entertaining content New Zealand offers, you can visit some of New Zealand’s most famous casinos. The excitement is guaranteed, whether you are in a casino for the first time or an experienced gambler. We bring you the best four brick-and-mortar casinos you shouldn’t miss when traveling to New Zealand.

SkyCity Auckland Casino

We will start our list with New Zealand’s biggest casino. When traveling to this country, you will likely visit Auckland as well. Its landmark is a 328-meter high tower, and you can go to the top of it and enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view of the city. Visitors have three restaurants at their disposal, including Orbit 360˚, while the entertainment area is located at the base of Auckland’s landmark. Guests can stay at one of the two luxurious hotels, attend a show in a 700-seat theatre, and enjoy other amenities.

Besides this, you should visit the biggest New Zealand casino -SkyCity Casino – with more than 2,100 slot machines and over 150 table games. SkyCity Casino takes care of responsible gambling, and inexperienced players can learn how to play each game before wagering real money. This casino is opened 24/7, but if you prefer playing casino games from the comfort of your home, this specialized website provides information for the legal casino websites in NZ.

Christchurch Casino

We continue the list with the first casino in New Zealand – Christchurch Casino. It is a real entertainment hub, and although it doesn’t offer as many games as SkyCity Casino, you should have a lot of fun. Players have 36 gaming tables and over 500 pokies at their disposal, while there is an e-sports arena and VIP poker lounges. Players of all experience levels are welcome in Christchurch Casino, and it especially caters to the newbies. As we can see, slot machines dominate the offer, which is not a surprise, while gamblers can also spin the wheels at roulette or check their poker or blackjack skills.

On the other hand, poker lovers can try out their skills in the New Zealand Poker Championships, which this casino hosts every year. If you plan to visit Christchurch Casino, gaming is not the only fun stuff you can do. You have several dining options available, along with different themed bars. If you like music, you can listen to it live on weekends. Christchurch Casino is, therefore, one of the best casino destinations in New Zealand.

Hamilton SkyCity Casino

Hamilton SkyCity – another casino from the SkyCity group – is perhaps the most scenic casino in New Zealand. You shouldn’t miss the view of the gorgeous Waikato River, the longest river in New Zealand. Of course, this land-based casino also takes care of responsible gambling and provides the necessary education for beginners. Hamilton SkyCity Casino offers more than 330 gaming machines and over 20 table games, while VIP members can enjoy a private area.

Besides playing your favorite casino games, visitors can have a tasty bite or refresh with the best drinks at five bars and restaurants. Other entertaining content includes burlesque shows, UFC matches, Halloween-themed shows, or pub quizzes. If you go to Hamilton SkyCity with your family or friends, there is a bowling alley and a nine-hole golf simulator.

SkyCity Queenstown & Wharf Casino

SkyCity Queenstown & Wharf Casino is the last member of the SkyCity group, and players can enjoy the most popular casino games, including roulette, blackjack, baccarat, or poker, at 12 gaming tables available. You can also try out your luck at 86 gaming machines, while the inexperienced gamblers can take learn-to-play lessons to get familiar with the game rules and increase their chances of winning.

While playing your favorite casino games, you can have snacks or go to Wild Thyme Bar – an in-house restaurant with tasty cuisine. If you often visit SkyCity Queenstown & Wharf Casino, they have lunch loyalty cards, and don’t miss getting one. In case you prefer an intimate casino experience, then SkyCity Queenstown & Wharf Casino could be a perfect choice since it is a boutique casino. A cozy atmosphere is guaranteed at this facility, which has been a member of SkyCity Group since 2013.


Although New Zealand is not among the world’s most famous gambling hubs, casino lovers can get a memorable gaming experience in its best casinos. Besides being glamourous enough, visitors can enjoy beautiful views, surroundings, and atmosphere. Players can also take a break and experience other entertainment activities, enjoy food and drinks, or visit numerous themed events. If you plan to visit New Zealand, make sure to add one of these destinations to your bucket list!

When is the best time of year to visit…

With so many amazing places to visit and different activities available in the island country, it’s no wonder many people wonder when the best month to visit New Zealand is.

The simple answer is, it depends.

The ideal time to visit New Zealand varies according to your preferences:

  • Would you rather lay on the beach and surf or avoid the heat altogether and go skiing?
  • Are you more into indoor or outdoor activities?

The first thing you’ll need to do though, once you’ve decided when to visit New Zealand —detailed tips on picking the best time below— is to register for an NZeTA (a mandatory travel authorisation for NZ that launched in 2019). No worries, the online form just takes a few minutes to fill out with your personal, contact, and passport details.


New Zealand weather and seasons

New Zealand enjoys a temperate climate, which makes it a popular tourist destination year-round. Average temperatures range from 10ºC or 50ºF in the south to 16ºC or 6ººF in the north.

It’s sunny during most of the year, rainfall is moderate, and temperatures are mild, although they may vary from one region of New Zealand to another.

One thing worth considering, depending on where you’re travelling from, is that the seasons in NZ are opposite to those in the northern hemisphere. So if you’re visiting from the UK, Canada, or the US, for instance, it would be winter in NZ during your summer holidays.

Nevertheless, New Zealand does have 4 distinct seasons, just like America and Europe, so make sure to pack the right type of clothes for your trip.

  • Spring starts in September and ends in November
  • Summer starts in December (so it’s hot on Christmas!) and ends in February
  • Autumn starts in March and ends in May
  • Winter starts in June and ends in August (perfect for a ski vacation when it’s boiling hot back home!)


Travelling to New Zealand in the spring

The average daytime temperatures in New Zealand during the spring range from 16 to 19ºC or 60 to 66ºF. Some days are sunny, whilst others may be cooler and rainy.

This weather makes springtime in NZ ideal for road trips as well as the following activities:

  • Visiting the Lord of the Rings filming locations
  • Whale and dolphin watching
  • See the blooming bluebells and daffodils in Christchurch
  • Hiking in Abel Tasman Coast Track


Visiting NZ during the summer

If you’re looking for warmer weather in NZ, you’ll probably prefer the subtropical climate of the North Island (with average temperatures of about 23ºC or 74ºF during the summer) over the temperate climate of its South Island.

With about 15,000 km or 9,300 miles of coastline, New Zealand’s beaches go from idyllic to ideal for water sports and get quite popular during the summer.

Some fun beach activities to try during the summer include:

  • Swimming
  • Surfing
  • Snorkelling
  • Bodyboarding
  • Kayaking
  • Jetskiing

Summer in NZ is also a great time to take a cruise ship to Antarctica.


Enjoying the fall in New Zealand

The temperatures cooling down slightly in autumn whilst remaining quite pleasant allow visitors to swim in the sea as well as enjoy the beautiful foliage turning golden in the countryside.

Both spring and autumn offer less crowded tourist attractions with mild weather, making them ideal for sightseeing. Average daily temperatures during autumn in New Zealand range between 17 to 21 ºC or 62 to 70 ºF, while nighttime temps are much cooler.

Some enjoyable activities to try when visiting NZ in autumn include:


New Zealand in the wintertime

If you’re dreaming of escaping the heat back home, consider a ski vacation in New Zealand. During the winter temperatures drop to about 12 ºC or 53ºF with increased rainfall on the North Island.

The mountains are snow-capped and both Whakapapa and Cardrona offer great facilities for hitting the slopes.

Other worthwhile activities to try out during the winter in NZ include:

  • Touring the glaciers
  • Relaxing in geothermal springs
  • Visiting museums and other indoor cultural activities

If you travel during the summer, make sure to book your accommodation ahead of time. Visiting during the spring or autumn can often be more budget-friendly as well as allow you to enjoy less crowded attractions.

The best time to visit New Zealand depends on the temperatures you feel most comfortable in, the festivals or events you’d like to attend and the activities you find most enticing.

So there you have it; regardless of when you travel, there’s always something awesome to do in NZ!

6 Cool Things to do in New Zealand

New Zealand is a place often looked over when travelers think of going to a new place.

New Zealand isn’t just all “Lord of the Rings” and no play, it’s also a sand destination full of beaches, impressive architecture and a lot of history.

Let’s not forget about the giant mountains, beautiful hiking scenery, and exotic animals on this remote island nation.

We recommend driving to all of these locations to save time, but if you want to save on costs, invest in a campervan.

Visit the Penguins and Albatross in Dunedin

What’s better than looking at cute penguins waddle around? How about seeing the bird with the largest wing to body span in the world?

The Royal Albatross Centre in Dunedin is a sanctuary that protects these majestic birds. Within the same centre is home to Little Blue Penguins, which are the smallest penguins in the world.

If you take the tour at dusk, you’ll be able to see the penguins coming back from their daily fishing.

Go to a New Zealand Casino

Gaming in different countries can be a tricky task, but it’s possible to gamble in a brick and mortar location, as well as gamble online.

There are online casinos for New Zealand players where you can try “pokies” (Zealand slang for slot machine). There are six casinos in New Zealand, 4 of which go by the “Skycity” name, which the other two are the “Dunedin Casino” and the “Christchurch Casino.”

See New Zealand’s Castle

Yes, New Zealand has a castle and it’s in the Catlins. The cool thing about this castle is how modern it looks compared to the ones from Europe. Check out this awesome video for a quick guided tour.

It has a baroque, French feel like the buildings from New Orleans. After taking a tour of the beautiful castle, there are tons of other things to do nearby.

Guess what, more penguins! See the yellow-eyed penguins near Curio Bay, and the wonder of Nugget Point.

Glacier Hiking

If you like hiking, you’ll love the hiking that New Zealand has to offer. We could just talk about the classic wilderness hiking, but the glacier hiking is something to behold.

The most impressive hiking spots are Franz Josef Glacier and Fox Glacier, located on South Island near the West Coast. Check out Meggie Kay’s experience of hiking Franz Josef Glacier below.

You used to be able to hike all the way to the top, but the deterioration of the glaciers has made it difficult to climb. Instead, take a helicopter up to the top.

You’ll get to see a giant iceberg from on top of the mountain!

Go to Hobbiton

You know it had to be on the list. On the northern part of the island, you can visit the set of Hobbiton from the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings movies.

You can actually step in the buildings and homes, how cool is that? You’ll be transported into Middle Earth! You aren’t just limited to the hobbit homes, you can also go get a drink at the tavern, or prance along the pumpkin fields.

Hobbiton movie set review 2015

There’s also an awesome gift shop at the end of the tour. You can read our full review of Hobbiton here.

Go to the Famous Squid/ Ice Cream Shop

If you like to look at sea life, take a look at the biggest one ever found in the sea. The Wellingston’s Te Papa Museum has this colossal squid that’s over 470kg.

It was captured in the Antarctic ocean in 2007, and is now considered a New Zealand icon.

Giapo, one of New Zealand’s most beloved ice cream shops, adds this giant squid into many of their ice creams.

Giapo’s Auckland store is full of well-thought out, delectable yummies that use cow’s milk, and vegan milks in their creations.

We recommend seeing one right after the other. After all, walking around a museum takes a lot of energy.

Sky tower Sky Jump Auckland

Best New Zealand Activities for Thrill-Seekers

So you’re an adrenaline junkie. Don’t worry — so am I! New Zealand is one of the best places in the world for us, would you agree?

Having visited many times and for the thrills and spills I wanted to give you a definitive list of the must-do extreme activities you must do when in New Zealand.

From sky diving, to bungee jumping, jet-boat riding to canyon swinging, there’s something in my list for whatever your adrenaline fix needs!  So without delay here’s my Best New Zealand Activities for Thrill-Seekers. I know you’ll love it!


If you take a bus tour up to Cape Reinga and 90 Mile Beach in the Northland region (which I recommend), you’ll most likely also stop along the way at the Te Paki Sand Dunes, which mark the beginning (or end, depending which way you’re traveling) of 90 Mile Beach. There, you can break out your boogie board or toboggan (provided by the tour company, in most cases), climb up one of the gigantic dunes (some can reach 100 meters), and then surf your way down. The hike up the dunes is tough, and the ride down scary, yet exhilarating.

Price: Included in most coach tours

Adrenaline rating: 3 ½


Auckland isn’t necessarily known for its adventure sports, but if you’re visiting the famous Sky Tower in Sky City, why not jump off it? Sky Jump is a unique cable-supported base jump right off the edge of the Sky Tower. After being fitted into a flying suit and full-body harness, you get to toss yourself off the side of the tower. You’ll fall fast (but experience no freefall because there will always be tension in the cable), and then come to a smooth landing 192 meters (about 630 feet) below on the landing platform.

Price: $195 NZD

Adrenaline rating: 5, because you have to jump

Waitomo Caves

I haven’t been to the Waitomo Caves (located about 2 hours south from Auckland), so I can’t speak to how adrenaline-inducing any of the activities there are. But I do know you can do things like caving/abseiling, and black water rafting (think mild white water rafting, but on innertubes in the dark). Both of these sound like they’d get your blood pumping.


If you’re visiting Rotorua check out Rotorua Motels – Jasons has a variety of accommodation online, suiting all budgets. Along with being sure to visit at least one of the geothermal parks, set aside some time to try out a few unique adventure activities.

The first is Zorbing, in which you dive into what looks like a gigantic hamster ball (but really is a small inflatable ball suspended within a larger one), and then roll down a large hill. This can be done in various ways: Zydro, where water is put into the ball with you so you slip around, or Zorbit, where you are strapped into the ball so you go tumbling head over heels. You can do these with more than one person, which makes it extra fun.

Price: Starts at $49 per person per ride, goes down if you have more than one person in a globe.

Adrenaline rating: 2

Also check out Agroventures while in Rotorua. Located just down the road from the Zorb site, Agroventures is located on the same property as the Agrodome, where you can go and view various sheep-shearing shows. There are some things probably not worth doing at Agroventures (for example, I’d save the jetboating and bungy jumping for elsewhere), but at least one or two of the activities might be worth trying out. Here’s what they offer:

Agrojet: Jetboating very fast in a man-made pond. ($45 NZD per person; 2 people per boat)

Rotorua Bungee: 43 meters (143 feet). ($90 NZD per person)

Freefall Xtreme: Kind of like simulated sky diving, where you “fly” by floating over a giant fan. ($49 NZD per person)

Shweeb: You get into a pod-looking thing suspended from a track. You then pedal your Shweeb like a bike, and race others at fast speeds. ($80 NZD per person)

I recommend the Swoop swing here. You climb into what looks like a body bag with one or two others, and then are raised 40 meters into the air. One of you then has to pull the ripcord, and you go screaming head-first in a big arc, reaching speeds up to 130 kph. ($45 NZD per person; 1-3 people)

Note: You can package multiple activities and get reduced prices.

Adrenaline rating: I’ve only done the Swoop, which I give a 5. Pulling that ripcord is more terrifying than you may think!


Upon first arriving in the lakeside city of Taupo, it may not seem like a mecca for adventure sports. But don’t be fooled: Taupo has a lot to offer. You can jetboat down the Waikato River or take a floatplane flight over Lake Taupo. There’s also skydiving and helicopter rides.

But I’d recommend bungy jumping at Taupo Bungy. Jutting out from a cliff above the Waikato River, Taupo Bungy offers New Zealand’s highest water-touch jump, at 43 meters (tied with the water-touch in Queenstown). You can do this jump tandem, as well. And, of all the bungy jumps in New Zealand in scenic locations, you’ll get the best value in Taupo. They also offer a swing now, too, called the Taupo Cliffhanger. This did not exist when I was there, though, so I can’t give any insight on it.

Price: $109 NZD per person for a solo bungy jump

Adrenaline rating: 5

Gravity Canyon

Mokai Gravity Canyon is located about 20 minutes from Taihape on the North Island. The Canyon is just that – a deep canyon with the Rangitikei River running through it. There are 3 adventure sports to try out at Gravity Canyon: Bungy jumping, a flying fox, and a bridge swing. And all are adrenaline-inducing in a stunning environment.

The bungy jump is 80 meters high from the Mokai Bridge – the highest bungy on the North Island. The Flying Fox is a gigantic zip line that you traverse head-first while being suspended high above the river, reaching speeds of 160 kph. The Bridge Swing is what it sounds like – you swing from the Mokai Bridge in a gigantic arc, which includes 50 meters of freefall. All can be done tandem.

Price: One activity, $120 NZD per person; two activities, $195 NZD per person; all three, $270 NZD per person.

Adrenaline rating: Bungy, 5; Flying Fox, 3 ½ , Swing I have not done, but I’d wager a 4


If you’re making a stop in Dunedin on New Zealand’s South Island, I can personally recommend surfing at St. Clair Beach with the Esplanade Surf School. Operated out of a van near the beach, you can book a surf lesson (ahead of time), or simply rent a surf board if you already know what you’re doing. I took a two-hour lesson and actually stood up on my board! It’s a great place for beginners.

Price: I paid $45 NZD for the two-hour lesson, board and wetsuit rental

Adrenaline rating: 2 ½


Queenstown is known as New Zealand’s Adventure Capital – and for good reason. If you’re an adrenaline junkie like me, then Queenstown needs to be on your itinerary. There are tons of activities year-round to give you a rush. I’ll highlight some of the most popular ones.

Things I personally recommend:

There are an abundance of bungy jumping options in Queenstown, most operated by A.J. Hackett (including the terrifying Nevis Bungy). I had my first bungy experience at the Kawarau Bridge Bungy, where A.J. Hackett started it all. The 43-meter jump is a baby compared to some of the others in Queenstown, but the price is decent, there are lots of jump options, and you can even choose to touch or be fully immersed in the Kawarau River.

Price: $175 NZD per person

Adrenaline rating: 5

If you want to go jetboating, try the Shotover Jet. Again, there are other options in Queenstown, but the Shotover is perhaps the best. You’ll get geared up and climb into a famous “Big Red” jetboat. Then you’ll go tearing down the Shotover River, sweeping through the winding Shotover River Canyon at breakneck speeds, all while skimming along the top of the water. The Shotover Jet is the only jetboat operator permitted to operate in this canyon, and the drivers are all experts. Watch out for the 360-degree turns in between the canyon walls.

Price: $109 NZD per person

Adrenaline rating: 3

Head down to Lake Wakatipu for some parasailing with Paraflights. You’ll be lifted high above the lake in a yellow smiley-face parachute, giving you fantastic views of Queenstown and the surrounding Remarkables mountains. You can do it solo, or with a friend.

Price: $129 NZD solo; $95 NZD per person tandem

Adrenaline rating: 2

While in Queenstown, take a ride up the Skyline Gondola. At the top, be sure to sign up for a luge adventure. While it doesn’t compare to the dangerous Olympic sport of luging, Skyline’s version is still fun – and affordable. You get into a luge cart that’s on wheels, and race your way down one of two winding downhill tracks. Both have fantastic views of Queenstown. Then take the chairlift up to do it again.

Price: You must buy a ticket for the gondola in order to also luge. Gondola + 1 luge ride, $30 NZD. Each additional luge ride is $5 NZD.

Adrenaline rating: 1-2 ½ depending on how fast you go

Things that sound exciting but I didn’t get to try:

Try the Shotover Canyon Swing, which sounds pretty crazy. You launch from 109 meters above the Shotover River, and there are 10 different jump styles.

Price: $199 NZD per person

You can also try whitewater rafting, or river surfing down the Kawarau River. A friend of mine tried river surfing, where you basically tackle whitewater rapids on a boogie board. She both loved and hated it. She recommends you not try it unless you’re in shape and up for taking some risks.

Also in Queenstown:

Take helicopter rides up into the mountains, go skiing or snowboarding at popular resorts during the winter months, or try tandem skydiving. Skydiving is popular all over New Zealand, but I’d imagine Queenstown would be one of the more scenic locations to do it. The Bay of Islands is also supposed to be great for skydiving. It’s definitely on my “next time” list.

If you want to try it all, check into Queenstown Combos, which will package various Queenstown activities together and arrange all your transportation. Or visit The Station in downtown Queenstown, where you can get advice and book most of the city’s most popular adventure sports.

That wraps this list up. Did I forget anything?

Which of these sound the most exciting or terrifying to you? If you’re a self-professed adrenaline junkie, are there any activities in New Zealand you just wouldn’t try?

Family travel in New Zealand – Great activities

When it comes to natural beauty, a tranquil atmosphere, rich culture, and friendly locals, New Zealand can offer these qualities in abundance. Wouldn’t you agree?

This two-island nation boasts long, dreamy coastlines and a subtle climate with wonderfully maintained national parks that contain every type of landscape as well as hundreds if not thousands of unique species of flora and fauna.

If you’re convinced to travel to this magnificent natural wonder then check out this list of family travel in New Zealand. There’s something for everybody!

So lets get started!!

Moeraki Boulders

Moeraki boulders are the perfect example of Mother Nature’s awe-inspiring abilities. They are large, spherical boulders lying all across the stretch of Koekohe beach on the cost of Otago between the areas of Moeraki and Hampden. According to scientists, they were formed millions of years ago when muddy sediments were clustered together and were shaped like a spherical boulder due to constant wave action, landslides, and erosion. Pique your kids interest the wonders of nature when you visit the boulders. It’s a great place to stop for a picnic when driving down the North Otago coast!

Swim with the dolphins

Dolphins are known as some of the most affectionate and intelligent creatures in the animal kingdom—so why not take the opportunity to spend some time with them? In New Zealand, you’ll get this rare opportunity to swim close to these amazing creatures for an experience that your children are sure to remember. The best places to swim with dolphins are in Kaikoura, which you can do all year round, Marlborough Sounds, where you can see up to five species of dolphins, and Akaroa, where you’ll encounter these creatures in crystal blue water and might catch a glimpse of some penguins and seals as well!

where to swim with dolphins

Whale watching

The waters around New Zealand hold one of the most populous whale migration routes in the world’s oceans, which means it’s a perfect place for some whale watching! As the good news is that wherever you go, you’ll be able to see different species of whales, from sperm whales to orcas to the majestic singing humpbacks and even the giant blue whales! Visit Kaikoura for a unique helicopter whale watching tour, or Whakatane to see a plethora of different species at once. You might even be able to catch some sights from Auckland’s Hauraki Gulf.

Check out this awesome video to see exactly what whale watching is like in Auckland. Thanks to Mari Johnson.

Visit the Waitomo Glowworm Caves

These amazing caves located on New Zealand’s North Island will give your family a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. No really—this species of luminescent glowworm can only be found in New Zealand! The caves offer boat tours through the caves, where you’ll see waterfalls, flying foxes, and of course the gorgeous glowing creatures. If you want a little more adventure, sign up for some black water rafting through the caves. Book your tour right here.

Waitomo caves glow worms in New Zealand

Walk on a glacier

New Zealand is well-known for its landscapes, mountains, fjords, and glaciers—so why not check them out up close? Franz Josef Glacier is arguably one of New Zealand’s most breathtaking sights, and there are plenty of ways to explore it. Try your hand (and feet!) at ice hiking, where you’ll strap on some crampons and spike your way through the glacier bed. You can also take a helicopter flight to the top, where you’ll climb a bit and then end the adventure in the glacier hot pools. Keep in mind that these activities are more strenuous and probably for older children. However, there are plenty of easy-paced walks on and around the glacier if your family still wants to check out this magnificent work of Mother Nature.

While the list is endless, we hope you enjoyed reading about these amazing family activities that you can enjoy while you’re in New Zealand for family holidays. Till then, keep exploring!

Five Best Family Friendly Adventures in New Zealand

New Zealand sits in the southwestern Pacific Ocean and is spread across two main islands with stunning collection of smaller, mostly uninhabited islands, all of which are gorgeous, highly explorable, and filled with lush forests, idyllic beaches, and jagged mountain peaks that rise and fall across deep azure coastlines and breathtaking lakes and Fjords. New Zealand’s many natural attractions and the innumerable activities offered make it the perfect destination for a family adventure holiday. Keep reading for five of our favourite family friendly adventures in New Zealand.

Milford Sound

If you plan on visiting the Fjordland during your trip to New Zealand, then you’ll find that Milford Sound is the most accessible of the country’s fjords and a regular on many New Zealand guided tours. To reach it, you’ll journey along the picturesque Milford Highway where you’ll find countless photo opportunities before reaching the fjord. On arrival you can easily board a boat to properly explore its glistening waters as well as the towering Mitre Peak and the enchanting collection of rainforests and waterfalls that trickle down the lengths of Milford Sound’s mountainsides. Keep your eyes open as you cruise and you just might spot a dolphin, seal, or penguin amongst the scenery – perfect for families with small children!

Shotover Jet

Try a shotover jet for the adrenaline junkies! Take this jet boating experience along the beautiful Shooter River in the Otago region of the South Island, not too far away from Queenstown. You’ll cruise atop glistening fresh blue waters as you shoot past rocky outcrops, and skim close to crags and huge boulders before accelerating to speeds of up to 85 kmph as you hurry through vast lengths of the narrow canyon, This area is the perfect balance of wild beauty and exhilarating child-friendly adventure.

Auckland & The Bay of Islands

Spend a day or more in the vibrant city of Auckland taking in the Sky Tower and the Mount Eden Volcanic Crater as well as Waiheke Island and the rustic Piha Beach. There’s also an optional day trip to the heavenly Bay of Islands which is just three hours from Auckland. It’s an otherworldly stretch of coastline with countless idyllic beaches, abundant forestry, and a huge collection of activities to take part in. Families looking for something more laid back should try out the dolphin discovery tours, while the more adventurous amongst you could do a little sea wreck diving, kayaking around the islands, or sand dune surfing.

South Taranaki

A road trip along the Surf Highway 45 from New Plymouth to Hawera is a fantastic option for a family adventure. The coastlines are rugged and ripe with fantastic beaches. Along the way you can also visit an exciting collection of sights and attractions, from the Tawhiti Museum of Taranaki to the charming Audrey Gale reserve which boasts an enviable collection of waterfalls along the river as well as barbecue areas and horseback riding. If you’re looking for more cultural activities in New Zealand then stop off in new Plymouth for the Puke Ariki Museum and the Govett Brewster Art Gallery, both of which are perfect for families who want to get a feel for New Zealand’s rich history and culture.

Get To Know The M?ori People

At Te Puia, spend some time getting to know the indigenous peoples of New Zealand at the fabulous Te Puia, which is basically a wonderland of traditional Kiwi experiences. You’ll find a huge collection of geothermal sights such as hot pools that are still used to cook with, spectacular geysers – including P?hutu, the largest active geyser in the southern hemisphere, and boiling mud pools, as well as traditional M?ori architecture, wood and stone crafts, and exciting M?ori cultural performances performed by the local Te Arawa tribe. Te Puia is also one of the only places on earth where you can see the legendary flightless Kiwi bird – the cute but endangered national symbol of New Zealand. Explore all this and more with New Zealand Guided Tours who offer huge range of guided family tours, adventure holidays, and even a 21 day Lord of The Rings themed tour.

New Zealand Maori rowing ceremonial coreography