A Basic Guide for Travelling to Bali; Indonesia

Indonesia is a state well known for its splendid tourist attractions and, to be specific, the iconic rice paddies, volcanic mountains, beaches, and coral reefs. One of the most famed islands located in the Indonesian […]

7 Natural Wonders Of Indonesia

 With over 17,000 different islands, ranging from little islets dotted with palms to the colossal valleys of Sumatra, Indonesia offers one of the greatest concentrations of untouched natural beauty that can be found anywhere in the […]

Indonesia Travel Guide – Where to go and what to do

Indonesia is a beautiful country spanning some 17,000 islands close to the equator in Asia. This vast country has some astounding statistics that you probably didn’t know. Its home to nearly 250 million people making it […]

Bali when to go

Best times of year to visit Bali

Bali, one small island in Indonesia, is loved by many tourists for sure. The unique culture, friendly people, low prices, and hot climate – all makes this small island a real paradise on Earth. But […]

What to do in Bali - Temples

The Best 5 Bali Tourist Attractions

Though less than 100 miles across, Bali offers a wide variety of things to see and do. It is quite quickly becoming one of the world’s most popular island holiday destinations, with cheap accommodation and […]

The best Bali tour itinerary for 2018 – Bali andLombok island hopping

Island hop around the Indonesian islands of Bali and Lombok in just 11 days.