Where Are The Happiest Places In The UK – Here’s The Top 5

There’s no denying that the UK is a small country, but it’s also a surprisingly diverse one. There are huge differences between different regions – if you’ve ever visited Cornwall and then gone to Northumberland straight after you’ll know that they are worlds apart, both in terms of landscape and in culture. There are bustling

Best Walking Holidays in Northern England

If you love to walk, why not take a walking holiday to one of these top regions in Northern England. Walking here means getting an enjoyable experience as you find yourself surrounded by beautiful nature and amazing history. You walk through castles and mountains and moorlands as you follow those dramatic coastlines. Enjoy the sweeping

Most popular leisure activities in the UK

The British public has less leisure time than ever before according to recent surveys which have shown that working hours in the UK are getting longer. Nevertheless, when Brits come home after a hard day in the workplace, they have a few favourite pastimes that they just can’t get enough of! So, just how does

Places to visit in England

UK travel: Debunking the biggest myths

Whether you are local or arriving from abroad, it would be fair to say there is a certain charm about traveling in the UK. At the same time, there are various myths. Some are completely legislated; for example, the notion that it always rains isn’t far from the truth! However, others are slightly more exaggerated,

london theatre bucket list

My Bucket List of London Theatre Shows – West End Highlights 2018

Unless you’re a regular visitor to London theatres, the comings and goings of the various plays and musicals can seem like an intimidating list to navigate. When you’re visiting, the last thing you want to do is waste one of your precious holiday eves on a show that’s either ‘not your thing’ or just downright