A Definite Guide to the Best Parking Apps for NYC in 2021

New Yorkers depend on cars much less than other cities. According to a recent governmental report, New Yorkers own a third as many cars per capita as the average US urban resident. About 23 per 100 residents in New York own a car as opposed to the average 77 per 100 residents in other cities.

The Most beautiful Canyons to Visit in the USA

If you’re looking to explore America and make the most of the stunning natural landscapes found across the continent, it’s worth focusing on its canyons. North America is known for offering some of the greatest and most breathtaking canyons found anywhere in the world. If you haven’t yet experienced many of them up close and

Best Hunting Places in the USA

The adrenaline rush that mostly comes with taking down the game is like a true hunter would understand. From tracking down an animal to taking a winning shot or posing for a picture with your kill, these all are the moments that so many hunters treasure at a time. Although, you only take that award-winning

Top 7 American Tourist Places for college students

The United States has such countless assorted urban areas and attractions that it is hard to narrow down the list to the 12 top tourist destinations, especially when you are still in college. These are the places frequently referred to as the spots to see before you bite the dust, another variant of saying they

5 Best Places To See In The USA

The United States is a vast country. With every state offering something for the travelers, it becomes hard to decide between not one but hundreds of options. However, there are some states that need to be paid a visit due to their hospitality and other attractive features that make them stand out from the rest.

Florida places to go

4 Best Kept Secrets About Vacationing on Florida

As a Florida native myself, I can attest to the fact that despite being a well-known and well-loved vacation destination, it also has more than its fair share of hidden secrets. The secret to having a fantastic vacation in the Sunshine State is to uncover its secrets before you go so that you can plan