8 Things You Need To Know Before You Visit…

New Jersey is a US state, known to many people outside the country. Due to popular TV shows, this state has become quite popular. Also, its proximity to New York City makes it a great destination to live there, especially since it’s so much cheaper than NYC. If you’re planning to move there or to visit for the first time, then here are 8 things that you should know about before you decide to come.

1. It’s not all about Jersey Shore

If you’re a fan of the iconic reality series The Jersey Shore, then that’s amazing. However, if you’re visiting New Jersey, it’s important to be respectful and treat people with kindness. Comparing everyone you meet with the show can be insensitive and plain rude. Sure, don’t be afraid to talk about the show, but don’t equate everyone you meet with characters from the series.

2. Don’t judge everything because of the airport

Newark airport is a notoriously hectic place, so don’t be inclined to judge the whole state based on that. This place is known for big crowds, weird smells and long highways are not everything that is to New Jersey. Once you leave the Newark area, you will see lush forests, beautiful farmlands, and super cutie cozy towns.

3. Learn how to drive

Being a casual driver is fine, but New Jersey is known for its aggressive driving style. Now, that doesn’t mean your life will be in danger, but it’s important to learn to navigate the traffic. Being a passive driver simply won’t be enough, so if you’re planning to drive around while visiting, then be sure to be a more assertive driver.

4. There’s pretty much everything

New Jersey has a lot of amenities, so in case you’re staying for a week or two, there’s no need to worry. The best-known place is the convenience store Wava, which is iconic to the locals. It also has coffee, sandwiches, ice cream and milkshakes. Also, in case you’re in need of reliable laundry service, then feel free to check out dry cleaners in Edgewater NJ, as that will help you in case of an emergency. In case you’re visiting with family in tow, then make sure to be prepared, since kids are known to be messy.

5. New Jersey is quite clean

Due to unpopular stereotypes, many out-of-state people believe that New Jersey is covered in trash. People are actually educated and practice recycling, so don’t assume that no one cares about the environment there. Sure, you might see some dirty spots, but that’s the case with other states and countries, too.

6. Beware of the deer

Deer might look cute, but in New Jersey, they can be quite dangerous. There are over 200,000 deer wandering around the state, so be sure to drive carefully, especially if you’re an out-of-state driver. Also, insuring your car might be a great idea.

7. For gambling, there’s Atlantic City

Gambling can be a great way to have fun, as long as you’re self-disciplined. And if you’re in NJ, then Atlantic City is the place to be for those who love to gamble. The greatest thing about Atlantic City is its lavish casinos that could give Las Vegas a run for their money.

8. Don’t be afraid to explore

Jersey has a lot of gems, that you should check out. Tuckerton Seaport Museum, Noyes Arts Garage, and Punkrock Flea Market are only some places that are an amazing way to experience this fun and unique East coast state.


These 8 things can help you have fun in New Jersey, as long as you remain curious, respectful, and mindful of the local culture. Visiting New Jersey at least once is a great adventure that you’ll definitely cherish till the rest of your life.

The Ultimate Guide to Where to Go, Eat &…

Planning to take a refreshing trip to the heart of Texas over the holidays? What better place to start than the gorgeous and lively city of Houston? From the hottest restaurants to the most phenomenal sightseeing spots, this bustling metropolis has it all.

But once you’re in Houston, where do you stay? And what spots should be on the top of your bucket list? And most of all, where can you eat the best Texan food? We have the answer to all that and more. So keep reading!

Best Places to Eat in Houston

Nothing makes a tour more memorable than delicious, hearty food. Thankfully, Houston has it in spades. Here are some food hotspots you just can’t miss on your trip.

Steak 48

If there’s one thing Texas is known for, it’s their mouthwatering, perfect steaks. Steak 48 serves perhaps the best steak in Houston. This fine-dining restaurant offers everything from a stunning filet to a juicy New York Strip Steak.

It also has a range of good drinks for you to choose from. Before you hit this restaurant, remember that the place has a dress code. Eating here will need you to dress up. But the food and ambiance are indeed worth it. So if you’re seeking a high-end dining experience on your trip, having dinner here could be an amazing idea.

Theodore Rex

If you’re dying to try simple and tasty local food, Theodore Rex is one place you shouldn’t miss. They have a dynamic seasonal menu highlighting locally sourced ingredients. You can also try their extensive wine menu.

So the next time you’re looking for an intimate dinner for two or just a relaxing lunch in Houston, head to Theodore Rex.

Stay Here While You’re In Houston

If you’re heading to Houston soon, book a hotel in one of the following areas for a memorable stay.

Downtown Houston

This city area is well-connected, full of greenery, and has terrific entertainment options for everyone. It has several parks, shopping malls, restaurants and is always bustling with locals. It also has some high-end as well as medium-range accommodation options. Plus, it’s completely safe for even first-time visitors.


If your tour to Houston is set to be a luxurious affair, don’t look further than uptown while deciding where to stay. This area has the best upscale shopping complexes and is home to the Galleria. Staying at St. Regis here is a fantastic option for those of you seeking ultimate comfort.

Places You Can’t-Miss in Houston

The Space Center

There’s no way you can miss the world-famous space center while on your Houston trip. This interstellar museum houses some of the best space-related artifacts known to man. And it will take you on a behind-the-scenes journey of NASA’s phenomenal work, history, and current projects.

The Museum of Fine Art

Another museum, albeit of a different kind, is the utterly gorgeous Museum of Fine Art. Whether or not you’re an art connoisseur, you’ll enjoy this place’s diverse collections. It has a wide range of world-famous paintings and sculptures that you just can’t afford to miss. And on top of all that, it has a scenic view of the Houston skyline.


Did you trade a seaside vacation for your trip to Houston? The good news is, you can have it both. Galveston, a pretty beach town located just a few miles from the city, is a great way to satisfy your inner beach lover. Its historic architecture and exquisite sunsets are to-die-for. So once you’re done exploring the top highlights of the city itself, take a quick detour to Galveston for some relaxing time.


Houston is one of those few cities that have anything and everything. You just can’t go wrong with a trip to this Texan metropolis. As long as you take in all this city has to offer, enjoy its unique local cuisine, and stay at the right places, you will have a vacation of a lifetime. So pack your bags, book your flights, and head over to Houston over the holidays.

9 Things to Remember When Traveling to U.S. National…

U.S. national parks are one of the most sought-after and beloved destinations. They are diverse given the beautiful landscapes, lakes, beaches, geysers, mountains, and stunning wildlife thriving in them. The U.S. houses as many as 61 national parks and 418 national park sites. Hence your vacation details will depend on where you are heading next.

You can spend a gala time in every season by paying a visit to any one of them. Millions flock to some of the most popular parks, namely Yosemite, Yellowstone, Rocky Mountain, and Grand Canyon National Parks. However, if you are visiting the parks in 2021, you will need to do the following.

1.  Choose a park

The very first step is to select a National Park you desire to go to! Several factors help you decide. What activities do you want? How far can you travel? Are the children coming with you? What sort of landscape did you wish to view? The N.P. Service has excellent online tools to assist you to find a park nearby you.

Decide on how you will get there. We recommend road tripping if you plan to camp at an N.P. Traveling in your vehicle is logistically a lot easier. Also, we recommend considering the time of year as during peak season you won’t find any wildlife, but the weather will be great.

2.  Use Park maps

If you are outside the service area, the GPS on your phone will not work. Also, some parts of a National Park may not have a strong signal, especially if you are out on the trails. Hence, it would be best to use the old-fashioned, good paper map of all national parks. These maps can be found in any visitor center wherever your trip to the U.S.

3.  Be informed of the regulations.

It is always pivotal to comprehend a park’s regulations that you are going to visit. Some parks have restrictions and fees about how many people can camp there and the camping type permitted. Do make sure you know about the regulations through the regulation section of a National Park’s website.

This year, however, knowing the regulations also includes swearing by the COVID regulations in each park. Go through the COVID regulations on each park’s website to avoid issues later and stay updated regarding any changes in policies.

4.  Check weather

Weather is an essential determinant of our trips. The weather plays a crucial role in our planning, from what we bring to where we stay to what activities we will engage in. Thus, the National Weather Service website is the best website to check for the weather.

This website lets you stay updated with accurate information for trippers of all kinds. The Joshua NP, for instance, has a more temperate climate. Other NPS like Rocky Mountain and Olympic National Parks are snowy. Check the night and daytime temperatures if you plan to camp, especially during early summer or spring.

5.  Do not be glued to the camera.

Yes, we understand that getting perfect shots for the gram is essential because how else will you flaunt your visit to your friends! But remember that while you are glued to the camera for snapping stunning photos, you can forget to unplug. We recommend looking up from the mobile screen and reveling in the beauty of the park.

6.  Do not interact improperly with wildlife.

You can spot the most spectacular and incredible wildlife in the National Parks. No other place will let you witness the big cats, coyotes, wolves, elks, bears, or bison. However, keep in mind that there is a wrong and proper way to deal with animals. We suggest giving animals their space so that you do not end up threatening them. To have a safe visit, follow the N.P.’s rules in entirety.

7.  Do not miss watching the sunrise.

The best part of camping outdoors in an N.P. is watching the sunrise. Most people sleep until noon and miss this beautiful scene. Of course, you must have seen multiple sunrise(s) in various cities but ignoring it in an N.P. is such a shame.

8.  Fill up the gas tank


NPS in the U.S. is not easy to reach. Hence, the last thing to get caught up is running low on gas. Remember that areas in an N.P. include hundreds and thousands of acres of protected land. Hence, you may not get a pump station close by. Thus, be sure to fill your tank and carry extra tanks if possible.

9.  Do not go off the trail.

The top priority is to stay safe. You cannot behave as some over-smart hiker and get lost in the national parks. Remember that going off-trail can lead to injuries or even death. Try to go easy on your wilderness skills.


In general, follow a map, get a trail guide, and stick to a designated trail to stay safe when traveling to a U.S. national park. We recommend paying attention to the warning barriers and signs so that you keep away from hazardous areas.

5 Adventurous Activities to do in New York City

New York City is one of the largest cities in the world; there are countless activities you can choose to do. From visiting museums and art galleries to shopping at large malls or finding fantastic street food, everyone has different interests in what they like doing in their free time. For some people who enjoy being out in nature more than anything else, these five adventurous activities might be perfect for them.

1.  Skydiving in Brooklyn

If you’re the type of person who likes to live life on the edge and experience something thrilling, then skydiving might be perfect for you. Located in Downtown Brooklyn near DUMBO, SkyDiveNYC is a great place to go if you want to jump out of an airplane at 12,000 feet high. They have many different packages that range from $199 to about $1000 per person, depending on what package they choose for this adventure, not to have been just another one-time thing, though. Please take it as a sign when weather conditions aren’t ideal because there’s always next weekend or even month where people can still enjoy themselves with some other activities while waiting for the weather to calm down.

2.  Rock Climbing in Central Park

New York City is home to some of the most amazing views and places that are just breathtaking. If you enjoy getting out there, seeing what’s around your area, and having fun with family or friends while doing so, then rock climbing might be something you’d like. Located near Central Park on 110th Street at Riverside Drive South is The Cliffs, an indoor facility dedicated to teaching climbers about how this sport works for beginners up to advanced climbers who want more challenges. For $85 per person, they can take them through a fully guided day trip where trainers will lead people along different routes throughout their journey.

3.  Hiking Taconic State Park

If you’re someone who enjoys being outside and taking in the beauty of Mother Nature, then hiking might be something that interests you. Taconic State Park is a beautiful location with different trails to explore, depending on their personal preferences. For example, if they like seeing waterfalls or crossing over rivers as part of some challenges throughout their journey, those hikes can offer such things. How about going out on a more peaceful hike through forests with your friends and family? Hikes like this at Taconic can range from $15 per car to $80, including an overnight camping trip (with all equipment provided). It’s always best, though, to check ahead whether or not they will be having an event on that specific day or not, but Taconic State Park camping is open all year long and on weekends during the fall.

4.  The Bronx Zoo

If you’re someone who likes animals more than anything else in this world, then going to one of New York City’s top zoos might make for a great adventure. The Bronx Zoo, located near Pelham Bay Park, has over 500 different species of animals (both exotic and native) such as gorillas, lions, tigers, elephants, and many other creatures worldwide. There are also special events held at their zoo throughout each month where people can get into these areas free of charge depending upon what they want to see, including things like “ZooBoo” or “Wildlights.” The Bronx Zoo is open all year long, but it’s best to check ahead during the off-peak season of September through May because these are their slowest months.

5.  Nyack Beach State Park

If you’re someone who enjoys being out on a boat or taking in some beautiful scenery, then Nyack Beach might be perfect for you. Located just 30 minutes away from Manhattan near Upper Nyack, this beach has over three miles worth of waterfront views which people can enjoy while kayaking around. Not only does it make for a fantastic adventure at one of New York City’s top beaches, but they also have special events where children and adults alike get free access to rent boats if they decide not to bring their own. Other events include “Movie Night”, where people can watch a movie from land while sitting along the waterfront.

Closing Thoughts

There are so many different activities that people can enjoy in New York City, but these are some of the top ones that offer something for everyone.

Exploring the Landscape of California

While a large part of the U.S. economy itself, the state of California is also geographically massive. Ranking in at the 3rd largest state in the union implies a varied landscape and California delivers on that front. Think of yourself as a city lover, California has plenty of options for you. Are the ski slopes and surrounding communities more what you dream of? Plenty of that in the northern half of the state. Can’t get enough of the beach-life? California has you covered too.

City Life

There are many great options for the urban dwellers looking to see all that California’s cities have to offer. For example, Sacramento and San Francisco are great options toward the middle of the state and either can be better for you depending on the field you work in and what your budget looks like. Looking to break into tech? San Jose might also be the perfect place to find your own corner of Silicon Valley.

Can’t get enough nightlife and entertainment? It’ll be hard to beat finding the perfect fit among all the Los Angeles apartments you can choose from. It’ll be as simple as figuring out which night clubs and restaurants are your favorites, and get that great apartment close by so the party never has to stop.

Glued to the Slopes

An outsider to the state might not realize it but, California has some of the best skiing in the United States because of that perfect mixture of snow and sunshine making for wonderful conditions that are sure to keep a smile on your face the entire way down the slope.  That combination allows for skiing and snowboarding like you wouldn’t believe is possible.

California absolutely keeps up with the other legendary skiing states. Surrounding Lake Tahoe alone there are 12 different resorts to ski and snowboard. Some larger than others, so just in that area alone it’ll be easy to find that perfect mountain for your skill level and interest.

Surfs Up

The snow might have surprised some, but it’s also jaw-dropping to learn that California has over 100 different beaches along its coast. That gives plenty of options to choose from, so whether you are looking for the party or something more quiet, places like Malibu or Cambria respectfully are sure to give you whatever beach experience you desire.

The water itself is stronger and more powerful which makes it better for surfing than on the east coast and something to certainly keep in mind if young ones are getting into the ocean for the first time.

Planning A Road Trip Through Tennessee? (7) Places You…

If you’re planning a road trip through Tennessee, you need to have an itinerary at hand. There is nothing better than a well-thought-out road trip. There is much for you to explore and learn, and the more you give yourself the opportunity, the more you’ll enjoy your trip. Road trips are fun. They make for a great story and can form a part of your cherished memory. You will remember how the sun felt, how calm the wind was and how excited your family was. The expressions on your faces will be priceless and something you’ll remember for years to come. That is why as you pass through Tennessee, we have listed all the places you need to visit. Your trip will be both memorable and adventurous. Here are some areas where you need to make a pit stop:

1. Graceland Mansion

As you’re passing through Tennessee, you need to visit Graceland. As you enter the mansion, you can use your iPad to get an interactive tour of the house. You may also hear Elvis Presely’s voice play from your iPad as you walk through the mansion. Graceland’s estate once belonged to the king himself. The Manson is both gorgeous and intimidating. It gives you an insight into Elvis Presley’s life. You also get to explore the Jungle room and kitchen as well as Elvis’s last resting place. The only area of the house unavailable to visitors is the bathroom upstairs, where Elvis collapsed. If you have young children, you would want them to learn the history of music.

2. Dollywood

Why wouldn’t you want to enjoy your day at the only amusement park with a southern charm? Book your room at dollywood cabin rentals and start your adventure-packed day. There are over forty Dollywood Rides and Attractions waiting for you at the brilliant amusement park. You can enjoy these rides with your family since there is no age restriction. Some popular rides include the lightning rod, which is the world’s fastest rollercoaster. There is also the Firechaser Express, the first family coaster and a fun carnival just for children. So if you need a quick pick-up and rest as you explore, give Dollywood a try. You’ll share laughter and joy with your family.

3. The Great Smoky Mountains

The smoky mountains are every nature enthusiast’s dream come true. With acres of wildlife, trees, and even animals, The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is a famous amusement park accredited by people all over America. It is conveniently on the border between North Carolina and Tennessee. It makes for the perfect outdoor spot and definitely should be on your list. You get to take your kids on multiple outdoor activities, including hiking and camping. There is also an exhilarating amusement park ride waiting for you to explore.

4. Outdoor Knoxville

Outdoor Knoxville is another excellent area that needs your attention and time. The Legacy Parks Foundation runs it as they try reclaiming the space into a proper park. There is much for you to do in another excellent outdoor spot. You can rent out bikes and have an action-filled day. You may even splash on the water by renting paddleboards, using them to get around. You can also go kayaking with your family and try fly fishing that will add to your experience.

5. Knoxville Sunsphere

Even though the Sun Sphere was constructed in 1981, it is still a popular visitation site for many people. The original intent behind the Sun sphere was its use in 1982’s funfair. It is one of the two remaining structures that are still erect to this day. The building itself is pretty impressive. It stands at the height of 266 feet and is made up of 24 karats of gold. An observation deck on the fourth floor allows you a bird’s eye view of the city. You can also enjoy a brilliant 360-degree view of the city. The structure is always open to the public, and you should stop by.

6. Burgess Falls State Park

The Burgess Fall State Park is known for its natural beauty and family activities. There are about four waterfalls that cascade the park and have an impressive height of 250 feet. You can take a 1.5 mile round trip around the edge of the waterfall. Fishing is another exciting adventure offered by the park. You can also walk through the native butterfly garden and watch the butterflies dance over different species of flowers. Since you’re not staying back for long, it’s still worth noting that there is a summer youth camp for youngsters.

7. National Civil Rights Museums

Here you will find information spanning over five centuries. There are artifacts, films, and interactive media for your viewing pleasure. The museum itself is located in Lorraine Motel, where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr got assassinated. You’ll get to explore all the significant events that took place in 1968. There is a vast timeline for you to follow so you can track down how the legacy started.

Wrap Up

As you go through Tennessee, there is much for you to do. It would help if you planned what you want to do in Tennessee. Start by visiting the Graceland museum. You may also want to see the ever-beautiful Dollywood. There are many parks and mountains also worth exploring. If you like outdoor activities, make sure you visit these too. There are also different cuisines for you to enjoy with your family. No one can deny the cultural richness that abides in Tennessee. So when you’re down there having a road trip, make sure you make the most of your excursion.