The World’s Best Yachting Destinations

70.8% of the Earth’s surface area is covered by water with the oceans and seas constituting most of this. Luckily, we have so many beautiful beaches, coves, bays, and islands that it is impossible to […]

8 International Travel Expenses that are Often Overlooked

International travel means creating a budget and allocating your money carefully. While trips overseas can be a lot of fun, they can also be expensive, especially when not planned and budgeted for properly.Some aspects of […]

6 Ways to Enjoy Traveling Even Amidst A Pandemic

Are you tired of working from home and doing mundane household chores? Are you craving the tranquility of a sun-kissed beach? Or are you longing to listen to the melodious chirping of birds amidst a […]

The travel gadgets worth buying this year

Travelling around the world is a worthwhile experience for so many reasons, be it expanding your mind and exploring different cultures, checking out the top pilgrimages in Europe, or simply wanting to chill out and […]

Ultimate Guide for Choosing the Cheapest Flights

Flights can be very expensive. They are probably one of the major expenses of any holiday. Luckily, it is possible to try and find chap flights. It can be difficult, but you can find them. […]

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How to make money for long term travel

We are no strangers to travelling for extended periods of time. At least once a year we go on long trips, often spending a month or 2 in one place or travelling around a local […]

How to plan a road trip with pets

How to travel with a pet – Our road trip advice

You don’t have to miss your pet when you travel; bring them with you – you’ll be surprised how much they add to your next adventure.If you plan on taking Fido or Fluffy along, however, […]

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Five Ways to Plan a Better Vacation When Your Last One Didn’t Go as Planned

Everyone has high hopes when they go on vacation. It’s easy to assume that because you’re planning to do something fun that your time spent on vacation will actually be fun. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always […]

Easy Solutions To Problems That Can Ruin A Vacation

No one likes the idea of having their vacation disrupted. This is a time for relaxation, adventure, and all-round excitement, and stress should never have to be part of the picture. Of course, though, it […]