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How to make money for long term travel

We are no strangers to travelling for extended periods of time. At least once a year we go on long trips, often spending a month or 2 in one place or travelling around a local […]

How to plan a road trip with pets

How to travel with a pet – Our road trip advice

You don’t have to miss your pet when you travel; bring them with you – you’ll be surprised how much they add to your next adventure.If you plan on taking Fido or Fluffy along, however, […]

What Are the Top 5 Pilgrimages in Europe?

If you are fascinated by spirituality, history, or literature, or you just want to physically push yourself to the limits, then a European pilgrimage might be of interest to you. These cultural journeys teach you […]

Five Ways to Plan a Better Vacation When Your Last One Didn’t Go as Planned

Everyone has high hopes when they go on vacation. It’s easy to assume that because you’re planning to do something fun that your time spent on vacation will actually be fun. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always […]

Easy Solutions To Problems That Can Ruin A Vacation

No one likes the idea of having their vacation disrupted. This is a time for relaxation, adventure, and all-round excitement, and stress should never have to be part of the picture. Of course, though, it […]

Top Safety Tips For A Stress-Free Vacation

Going on vacation is always exciting, and many people look forward to their trips away as the highlights of the year, but the planning and preparation stages tend to be a lot less enjoyable and […]

What Do Traveling and Gambling Have in Common

When it comes to hobbies, some are very similar to each other and others that are polar opposites. How humans choose to spend their free time is determined by their core interests, which is why […]


Why Switzerland is the Place to Go for CBD

Cannabis tourism is a growing trend, with increasing numbers of countries relaxing their rules around the product. For many travelers, this isn’t about getting high but rather enjoying the health benefits of Cannabidiol (CBD). CBD […]

Pros and cons of forex while travelling

Is it worth trading forex to help fund travels?

While the notion of travelling across international borders may seem fanciful in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s fair to say that some countries are reopening for business and increasingly likely to welcome overseas […]

Packing for long term travel

Packing Like A Pro And Traveling Light

Every individual desire to pack like a pro and travel very light. Some will succeed but others can’t avoid carrying a lot of things. However, even pro packers are always open to new and better […]