Camper’s Bucket List: 6 Types of Camping to Try

Are you the designated camping trip planner in your family? If so, you might be wondering how to plan a camping trip for everyone to enjoy.

Luckily, there are many types of camping that you can try out. In this article, we’ll discuss some of them.

Keep on reading for six different types of camping trips to add to your bucket list!

  1. Camp During Wintertime

A unique family camping trip is one during winter. As long as you prepare for the cold, you can enjoy the beautiful frozen scenery. If you go after a fresh snowfall, you’re in for some stunning wintery sights.

You need special gear to handle the freezing temperatures. A durable tent, warm clothing, and a thick sleeping bag are necessities!

  1. Camp in an RV

Do you want to travel with ease during your camping trips? RV camping allows you to do this! Your bed and amenities are on wheels, making it so convenient.

Most recreational vehicles can be customized to become full living spaces. The typical amenities include a kitchen, a sleeping area, and a bathroom. A mobile home is the most practical choice if you’re looking to take extended trips. However, if you’re planning for longer trips and have the budget to spare, it’s recommended to give your RV an upgrade to make the area more livable. You can always add features like satellite receivers and TVs for entertainment and connectivity purposes. But other amenities like air conditioning and water heaters are often necessary depending on the season you choose to travel. It’s also definitely worth your while to upgrade to a macerator pump for your RV toilet for its efficiency in limited spaces.

In an RV, you can settle down wherever there is an RV park. And, you can pack up and move on to a different spot whenever you please! Many families choose RVs for exploring various U.S. National Parks.

  1. Go Glamping

For a luxurious family camping trip, glamping is the way to go. The name is a combination of the words glam and camping. It allows people to experience nature while staying clean and comfortable.

Most glamping spots are picture-worthy for social media. A popular option, for example, is a unique-looking treehouse of some kind.

  1. Camp With a Kayak

Of all the different types of camping, only one fully immerses you in nature. Take a camping trip with a kayak for the ultimate adventure! But don’t try it unless you’re sure you can handle it.

Kayak camping enables you to explore the vast river systems that might surround you. Plan and pack well to ensure you have enough supplies to last through the whole trip.

  1. Camp in a Traditional Tent

One type of camping is a staple for the average family camping trip, and that’s tent camping. It’s perfect for diving into the outdoors because it’s so basic. Choosing a tent will put you closer to nature.

It’s a classic because you can set up a tent anywhere. Try the park at Ingenia Holidays or your favorite coastal region.

  1. Camp in a Yurt

Pay homage to ancient nomads by camping in a yurt. It’s round with walls, windows, and a durable fabric roof. Yurts sit upon wooden platforms, so they’re off the ground, and they’re easy to move around.

Once used by nomadic people in Central Asia, it’s like a portable tent with added amenities. Some of them even have plumbing for full-sized bathrooms!

Try Out Some New Types of Camping

There are so many types of camping to try nowadays! They’re all worth trying as new ways to experience nature.

Which of the camping trips sounded the most appealing? Answering this question will help you choose where to start.

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