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Buying Guide 2019: Choosing The Best Stroller For Your Child

Choosing a quality stroller is vital for all parents. It can make a world of difference in terms of ease, comfort, and accessibility of your everyday life with your little angel. It’s a piece of must-have baby equipment when you’re on the go with your child, whether you’re going for a simple in the local park or going on an out of town holiday.

While baby carriers are convenient and can provide you with closeness, reliable car seat strollers (3-wheel, 4-wheel, jogger, double) are often the more economical and comfortable choice when doing certain activities and trips.

When searching for the best stroller for your little one, you need to consider several factors such as your baby’s age and weight, as well as your budget and lifestyle. These will play a major role in how you can determine which type is right for the entire family.

If you don’t know where or how to start, our basic guide to the various types of strollers can help you pick the most appropriate one.

When Do I Need To Get A Stroller?

The answer to this will depend on your family. But, the majority of parents will end up getting one and using it at some point. Typically, strollers are used when babies have neck control and can sit right up, which is around six months. However, there are strollers that can accommodate infant car seats, which you can use from birth.

Although strollers vary by brand and model excluding the stroller-frame, most can hold children for up to 50 pounds. So even if it may seem like an added expense, you can get plenty of use out of them. There are even parents who use strollers when they’re going for a run, power walk, or shopping. Your fussy baby can also fall asleep in a stroller ride.


Different Types Of Strollers

Full-Sized Strollers

If you’re looking for something that you can use from birth until the toddler years of your child, your best bet is a full-sized stroller.  They are sturdier, bigger, and typically more durable than the other types. You can recline it flat for your newborn, and there are even models that support car seats and bassinets which are sold separately. There are also numerous models that come with a wide range of features that can make things easier for you and make the ride more enjoyable for your baby.


  • Offers many features which can make your life and travels a lot easier.
  • Their construction is solid to prevent your child from bouncing.
  • Your infant can use it.
  • They are usually comfortable, wide, and with well-padded seats.
  • Provides an option to attach car seats.
  • They come with a convertible design that can grow with your baby.
  • Canopies are expandable.
  • Tires are sturdier with decent suspensions for absorbing shock.


  • They tend to be bulky and heavy.
  • Not ideal for if you have a small home or tight storage.

Umbrella Strollers

These are an excellent choice if you’re family loves to travel or if you’re always taking your child with you on walks, but not looking for plenty of storage space which larger strollers have.

Umbrella strollers are small and very popular among parents since you can fold them down easily into a compact shape. There are even some models that can fit in your tote bag, making them perfect when you’re on the go.


  • Lightweight and often weighs less than 15 pounds. There are even models that weigh less than 10 pounds.
  • Open and closes easily.
  • They have sleek frames that take up very little space.
  • Many umbrella strollers are equipped with handy features like storage basket, built-in snack tray or cupholder, expandable canopy, and partial seat recline.


  • Lacks ample storage space.
  • Not ideal to use from birth. While there are models that can carry your infant safely using car seat adapters, most are designed for babies six months and older.
  • A lot of lightweight strollers have smaller wheels that are less efficient, which can make maneuvering them on different terrains a challenge.

Jogging Strollers

If you want to take your child with you when going on a run or long walks, a jogging stroller is a perfect choice. These strollers are designed for these activities and the most durable type of stroller. Although they have an extra storage space, they don’t offer enough storage room for your diaper bag.

They have all-terrain wheels with the front one being larger that’s either stationary or fixed. This means you don’t have to worry about your child jostling too much when taking off on the pavement. They also have comfortable seats and feature a hand brake for quick stops in case of an emergency.


  • Comes equipped with features like large wheels, hand brakes, and ergonomic handlebars.
  • You can swivel its front wheel to improve its maneuverability or lock when running in high-speed or for increased stability.
  • They have large canopies and comfortable seats.
  • Offers smooth rides on all types of terrain.
  • Some models are compatible with car seats.


  • They tend to be heavy and bulky
  • Difficult to install.
  • Quite expensive.
  • Not ideal for infant use.

Double Strollers

These are perfect for parents expecting or have twins or for those with kids close in age. You’ll find it easier to push your babies at once with this type of stroller.

Double strollers are available in various styles such as tandem, where your kids are in a line, and side by side. There are also models that you fully recline which for infant use. They tend to be a bit of a challenge to maneuver and push around but offer plenty of storage space and other lovely features like sun shades and long-lasting harnesses.

These strollers are comfortable as well. They may not be as durable as jogging strollers, but they can last your child until he’s about four years of age.


  • The best option if you have multiple kids.
  • Comes with added storage for your baby gears.


  • They are quite costly compared to other strollers.
  • You may find it challenging to maneuver.

Car Seat Carriers

If you don’t want a bulky stroller, opt for a car seat carrier which will enable your infant safety seat whenever you’re traveling. This type includes handles, locking wheels, and a sturdy frame.

You don’t have to worry about the safety of your baby once you’ve locked his car seat securely in place in its frame. But you can only use it with infant car seats, so it is not suitable for your older child or toddler.


  • Easy to open and close, and often have a one-hand opening feature which allows you to open it up without the help of an extra hand.
  • You can move your sleeping baby from your vehicle to the stroller and not worry about waking him up.
  • Foldable and lightweight frame.


  • They are not compatible with all car safety seats.
  • Short-term use.

Travel System

Travel systems are purchased as a set. It’s a popular choice among new parents since they can get what they need and looking for in a stroller. The set usually includes a stroller, infant car seat, and a base for your vehicle where you can easily pop your infant seat in and out of it. You can choose from full-size, jogging, and lightweight travel system strollers.


  • You can use it with many types of vehicles.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • You can move your sleeping angel from your vehicle to the stroller without waking him up.


  • Your infant will outgrow the car safety seat much sooner.
  • You have to buy a separate base or safety seat if you have multiple vehicles.

If you’re still unsure which one to get, check out the step-by-step guide at Consumer Reports to find the safest and best stroller for your family’s needs.