Best ways to book transport in Thailand

Thailand is a tourist hot spot and attracts hundreds and thousands of tourists and travellers every year. As the travel hub of Southeast Asia, it is the most visited country in the region. Thailand is all about glorious beaches, incredible jungles, and delectable food.

Once in Thailand, you need to the right mode of transport to explore the country. It can be a bit overwhelming at first as there is a wide range of different transportation options in Thailand, and they come in different shapes and sizes. Most visitors fly into Bangkok before they explore the area. While every traveller is sure to find the right means of transport that suits their needs and budget, it sure can be a daunting task to pick the best options available. This is where bookaway Thailand steps in and helps the travellers to choose from the best possible mode of transport. Hundreds and thousands of travellers rely on the bookaway platform for their transport needs in Thailand.

The gamut of transportation options

Thailand has all kinds and sorts of transportation means, and they can range from the modern and fast Skytrain system to the leisurely tuk-tuks. And there are plenty of options for transport in-between. One can go ahead and pick from taxi, ferry, bus, subway, and trains. There is even a network of budget airlines to choose from and fly within Thailand.  No matter where you want to go, there is a mode of transport available for you in Thailand.

Many people prefer to travel by train, and the country boasts of nearly 2,500 miles of rail lines and can even travel as far as Lao, Cambodian and Malay borders. However, train travel can take longer than buses and is more expensive. Still, many tourists prefer to travel by train as they find it more comfortable and safer. Browse bookaway and make your bookings on any of the four kinds of trains, Ordinary, Rapid, Express, and Special Express trains that provide different classes of service.

Bookaway can help you make bookings on different buses, and one can pick from ordinary to air-conditioned and even more luxurious “VIP” buses. You can reach popular destinations Cha-Am, Ayutthaya, Pattaya, Trat, Hua Hin by buses and can even travel to remote areas as far as Malaysia, Laos, and Cambodia. The VIP-level buses have top quality seating, toilet and serve bottled water and monitors with movies.

The ferry is another popular means of transport in Thailand, and these ferries are run by private operators.  As the ferries can be overcrowded at times, one should ensure their comfort level and the need before booking a seat on ferries. One has little choice if they are traveling locally and between islands. The quality of services may vary from place to place, and you can rely on Bookaway to provide the best possible options and at the lowest prices.

Thailand has a lot to offer, and no matter what your budget is, you can easily travel across the country and enjoy a great vacation or trip. If you book wisely, you can indeed spend a lot less on your transportation and lodging. The country is a well-worn destination that is convenient and easy to explore. Look for reliable and reputed transportation booking sites such as Bookaway to take care of all your travel needs. With a most dependable mode of transportation and at the most convenient routes, you can indeed travel within the country like a pro. Go ahead and browse the different means of travel and look for the most suitable means of transportation that meets your needs and the budget at Bookaway.