My top 3 unusual theaters in New York City

New York Theatre conjures certain images: Playbills clasped in bejeweled hands, fancy people, matinees post champagne brunch.. Take it from a born and bred New Yorker, though, there is far more to the city’s theatre scene than Broadway. Here’s my top 3 theaters to check out in New York.


Unusual performing arts in New YorkI don’t want to give too much away so pardon my vagueness, avoid googling spoilers and take a leap of faith. Part pseudo street theater, part improv, part scavenger hunt, Accomplice’s interactive theater experience will have you and a group of 8-10 walking the streets, popping into businesses, and approaching strangers as you work your way through the story that plays out through the excellent planning of the organizers. You’ll drink a beer or two with the characters, find clues and get lots of strange looks while also having your most memorable time in the city. There are two versions – West Village and Downtown. The experience starts with a phone call or email a few days before telling you where to be and when. Be there and experience a different type of NYC theater. Accomplice’s price tag is a little heavy but well worth every penny. Plus, you can often find a Groupon or LivingSocial coupon. It’s cheaper, about $65, and hipper than Broadway.

Live In Theater

murder mystery events in New YorkSimilar to Accomplice, Live In Theater takes the murder mystery dinners of yore and puts them on the streets. You and your group are transformed into new recruits of the police force and sent out onto the streets with a notepad, information about a crime and pictures of people. Using your noggin you find the characters, ask questions (question-asking is an art and bad questions yield bad answers, which is part if the fun!) and solve the murder. There are two shows currently available The Ryan Case and The Lombardi Case. Live In Theater also has deals on various sites so you can shave a little off your $60 ticket.

Then She Fell

unusual theater productions in new yorkIf you seek interactive theater that’s a little more surreal and not a mystery or hunt, consider hopping the L to Brooklyn for this Alice In Wonderland-esque experience. While the other two are good for the younger set (Accomplice will give hot cocoa or juice tk the under 21 crew) this experience includes custom drinks by a superb mixologist and is strictly 21+. Wander rooms, meet with performers one-on-one, find hidden scenes only accessible to those who sniff them out and stroll through Lewis Carroll’s imagination. The audience is about 15 people.

New York is a prime location for theater but why not experience something as unique as the city itself? You won’t regret trying one of these shows. No matter which you do make sure to wear comfortable shoes!