Best times of year to visit Bali

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Bali, one small island in Indonesia, is loved by many tourists for sure. The unique culture, friendly people, low prices, and hot climate – all makes this small island a real paradise on Earth. But to experience Bali the most, you should know the exact time when you should visit it. Bellow, I will discuss at least four times per year then it is really worth traveling here, and you can choose the time which is the most interesting and suitable for you.

Bali when to go

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May and August for the lowest humidity

Nothing is harder to deal with then hot weather and high humidity. And since Bali is just in that part of the world there it is hot all year long, and since it is an island, these two things might get very aggressive sometimes. But, at least, you can avoid one thing – the humidity if you choose to visit Bali in May and August.

During these months, you will be able to enjoy great weather with cool breezes and lovely warm nights. Just perfect for those people who love such weather!

June and August for the kite season

If you are that type of traveler who enjoys active leisure, then definitely make a stop in Bali during June and August. This time of the year is called “windy season” then wind get really strong, but temperatures are still pretty high. And this is what makes this time of the year perfect for extreme sports and kiting! I do believe that you might even be able to surf a bit in an ocean as well, so definitely don’t forget your swimsuits and enjoy the adrenaline rush!

Bali best time of year

For more times of the year when to visit Bali, check this page showing pretty great information when it is a rainy season and when it is the perfect time to sunbath and so on.

Avoid Christmas and New Year, and late December to early January for tons tourists

For travelers who wish to avoid huge masses of tourists, probably the best time of the year to visit Bali is not at the very end of the year, or the very beginning of it.

In December, people around the globe come to Bali for the Holiday season and celebrate the New Year there. Therefore, around that time, Bali will be full of many tourists for a while.

Also, if you wish to avoid tons of tourists and actually get cheaper service, don’t go to Bali during the high season that would be from July 1 to September 30. Every other date between these is perfect for more private, and most importantly, cheaper stay in Bali.

Sometime in March to celebrate Nyepi

And finally, for my readers who always admired Bali’s culture, the best time in 2016 to experience it is definitely on March 9. Around that time, Balinese people celebrate a traditional holiday called Nyepi which is something similar to our New Year’s celebration.

When to go to Bali

Also called as a The Balinese Day of Silence, this cultural experience will blow your mind for sure when you won’t be able to see any people in streets or other public places for the whole day!

But take notice, that during that day you, as a tourist, are expected not to leave the hotel room. Although after Neypi is over, you are totally welcome to celebrate with locals and absorb the unique Balinese culture as much as you want.

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