The best theatres in the world – Where to take in a show

Around the world, there are thousands of venues which can host a huge range of different performances.

From massive halls with multiple levels, to outdoor bandstands designed for a small crowd, you have almost unlimited choice when it comes to soaking up something you want to see. Of course, though, it can often be worth looking for the very best.

To help out with this, this post will be exploring some of the best places to indulge in theatre around the world, along with some ideas to support you along the way.

London – The West End

London is widely regarded as the best city in the English-speaking world for this kind of performing art. Being home to loads of different theatres, ranging from new to old, it is easy to see why people come from far and wide to see shows here.

Shakespeare himself lived and worked in London, with the popular Globe Theatre being one of his most important works.

Not a lot of cities can offer such an authentic experience when it comes to performing arts, and you won’t find anywhere with the same dedication to traditional plays.

New York – Broadway

For a lot of budding young actors and actresses, there are two goals in mind; Hollywood and Broadway. Situated in the busy city of New York, Broadway has long been one of the most popular places for both up and coming talent and veterans of the field to meet for shows.

Watching a show like Katharine McPhee’s Broadway debut will give you an insight into a new performer. Along with this, though, it could also give you the chance to see your favourite stars, especially if you choose the right show to see. Broadway is the home of modern musicals.

China – Shadows And Beyond

Watching a play in a language which you don’t understand can be very boring, and a lot of people will want to avoid it. Thankfully, though, a lot of China’s performing arts involve absolutely not talking whatsoever.

Shadow plays are much more than simple shadow puppetry, with artisans having to be called in to make the puppets, and a lifetime of skill being required to master using them. There are loads of unique artforms like this across China, and you can easily find them with a little help from Google.

Italy – The Land Of Opera

This option is more about what you hear than what you see. Much like a musical, opera performances are done with a lot of singing. It isn’t like the singing most people can achieve, though, and is often looked at as one of the hardest skills to master in this field.

Italy is littered with opera houses, but you can also find them across most of Europe and into other continents. While this is a very traditional form of art, dating back hundreds of years, it still holds a place in the modern scene, and most people will have fun at a show.

Modern Theatre

With fields like theatre becoming more and more accessible, places to watch shows are becoming increasingly popular. Being bored of the soulless vibe at a cinema, a lot of people are starting to prefer going to see something live, regardless of the form it takes.

Best theatres to visit

Of course, though, this post has only really covered older approaches to this sort of work. There are loads of examples which come from much more recent backgrounds, and these are available on an even wider basis.

Comedy started to creep its way into theatre very early on in the days of classical works. While they were tame by today’s standards, they paved the way for the funny shows around at the moment.

There are loads of different comedians out there and they can be found across the world. Along with comedy, a lot of people are big fans of areas of theatre like pantomime, as they give the kids a great chance to foster a love for live performances.

Hopefully, this post will inspire you to start working harder on the time you put into your global theatre hunt. You can find loads of examples of venues like this, and they all tend to have their own type of show on offer.

Finding the best for you will take some research, shows, and patience, but it won’t take long to start getting an idea of what you prefer after seeing a couple of examples. A lot of people are surprised by the types of shows which they enjoy the most.