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Best smartphone apps to travel with

Its true to say that smartphones have transformed how we travel. Everything from the music we listen to on a 10 hour bus ride, the way we read books on the beach, the games we play and the tools we use to get around. There isn’t much our little pocket computers can’t do. There’s thousands of travel apps to choose from but recommendations and reviews are key to picking the best ones. So here’s our latest pick of the best apps for travelling in 2017


Quite simply the best way to spend money while you’re abroad. Revolut is an app that accompanies a Mastercard you can very easily apply for. The card arrives within a couple of days and the app makes it super easy to add money to your card. The real revolutionary part of this is that your card will always be in local currency wherever you travel in the world. You can top up from your bank account or other debit card, or better still use ApplePay on the iPhone to instantly add funds. Exchange rates are insanely good too. Just a few pennies way from the current market value. Never again will you lose money while travelling, you’ll always get the best exchange rate and zero fees! The app is very easy to use and even includes live chat features to answer any queries you have.


Add all your flights to the Tripcase app and it’ll not only tell you what terminal and gate to go to but also plenty of information about the airports, destination weather, getting around and also an accompanying Apple Watch app to notify you when it’s time to go to the gate. I love apps like this as they help me organize all my flights and give me all the info I need to make travelling to the airports and boarding the planes a real breeze.

Online Games

While travel is often exciting there are plenty of moments of boredom. Whether its sat on the beach or a tediously long bus or train journey, there’s always a time when you’ll reach for your phone and play a few games. Group games like Scrabble and Trivial Pursuit are handy to keep sociable. For a brain teaser I recommend Monument Valley which is as beautiful as it is frustrating! Its best to pick games that aren’t to graphics heavy as these will drain your battery quicker. You could also try an online slots machines and play for fun or real money too.

Google Translate

There will no doubt always be a time you’ll be stumped by some local language, but thankfully there’s an app for that! Google’s translate app is by far the best out there and has plenty of features for converting local language in to meaningful English! It’s not always perfect so do expect it to work 100% of the time, still it’s a great app to have at your disposal should you need it.


We’re a total convert to the short term rental offerings of sites like AirBnB. There are quite a few similar services these days but in our experience the AirBnB app is the best. It’s easy to hunt around for what you want, very easy to contact the property owner and discuss any requirements you may have, there’s also clear indication of longer term discounts (there are even airbnb discount codes available) and a handy view of all your bookings with all the details you need to get to your next accommodation. Definitely the most intuitive travel app we’ve used and having your own space instead of a hotel room is awesome. Download it here


This little app has jumped up the ranks to be a firm favorite when we travel. If you’re visiting any major city then this app will have all the maps, points of interest, information and guidance you’ll ever need to easily get around. It’s my go to app if I want to know something quickly. Try it out here.


Move over cabs, Uber is here to stay! Often cheaper than local taxi companies and secure payments over the app, it makes travel in foreign countries super easy. One piece of advice though, some drivers won’t pick up new members, only those with a few reviews under their belt, so I highly recommend putting it to good use in your own country before taking it abroad, or at least expect a few possible rides to pass you by! On the whole you’ll save money and I have no doubt we’ll see an ever increasing number of drivers join this service. The app is intuitive and fun to use too.


Hands down the easiest way to learn a new language. It’s fun, colorful and actually makes learning languages memorable! With numerous ways to test your skills, DuoLingo is how every language learning app should be. You have no excuse when travelling to another country, learn the lingo and connect with the locals!

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