Best Restaurants for backpackers in Berlin

Berlin has some great food!  We were recently there for a week and had the time to seek out the best of the best.  We really enjoy finding good food and are a little picky. We love getting tips from locals and we have 5 great finds for you!

1. Konnopke’s Imbiß

Currywurst is as Berlin as it gets.  Wurst and Kebabs are the most common street food in town.  The best currywurst in Berlin has been in business for 80 years, and they have several locations.  We visited the Konnopke’s Imbiß on Schönhauser Allee 44A.  Usually located right under the U tracks, it has a temporary location just across the street.  Take the U2 (red) line to Eberswalder Straße and walk a little south.  Get currywurst mit pommes (minus the mayo, for us) and a beer.  It’s a great lunch and late night snack!

2. Habibi

Here you’ll find the best middle eastern food around at Goltzstraße 24, Schöneberg.  We had the dinner for two for 14€, and it was amazing– delicious shawarma, falafel, hummus, Baba Ganoush, and more!  We visited Habibi several times, and you can’t go wrong with the inexpensive shawarma sandwich at only 2.25€.  You also get free tea!

3. Mustafas Gemüse Kebab

For the best Döner kebab in the city, you’ll have to wait in line at Mehringdamm 32 directly at the top of the stairs at the Mehringdamm metro stop.  We passed this place a couple of times and wondered about the line.  A little research revealed that this is one of the most respected places around.  You’ll get a delicious doner kebab or durum for under 4€!

Check out this video to see if  their kebab is worth the waiting time!

4. Curry 36

Just a few steps away from Mustafa’s is the second best Currywurst in the city!  It’s called Curry 36 (named for it’s address at Mehringdamm 36).  Again, you’ll stand in a line, but the wurst is worth it.  I liked the ketchup at Konnopke’s better, but the hot dog at Curry 36 is crispier and juicier.  Again, we had the Currywurst mit pommes (no mayo) and a beer. Can’t beat it!

The crowd speaks for itself.

5. I Due Forni

Fantastic pizza at affordable prices.  At Schönhauser Allee 12 near the Senefelderplatz metro stop, you’ll get crispy crust, fresh toppings, and a great ambiance.  We stumbled upon it by way of recommendation from the desk clerk at the hostel.  Order the Golgosa– you won’t regret it.

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More great places?

Watch this video from our friends at Munchies for more great restaurant picks in Berlin