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The best resort towns to visit in Armenia

Armenia is a wonderful country situated just at the crossroads of Europe and Asia. Despite its small territories, it has so much to offer to its foreign guests: rich cultural heritage, a huge number of historical sights, picturesque mountainous landscapes, unique cuisine, real hospitality. So if you decided to choose Armenia Travel and spend your holiday in this sunny and hospitable country continue reading and you will learn about the most beautiful towns of Armenia that are really worth visiting.


This small green town is a wonderful place for those who want to run away from noisy vain life and relax in the environment of beautiful nature. The nature here is absolutely amazing and no wonder that Dilijan is sometimes called “Armenian Switzerland”. From all the sides it is surrounded by Dilijan National Park created for the nature protection, which explains the healing and fresh air filled with pine aromas. There are so many beautiful natural gems within the National Park, among which the most famous is amazing Lake Parz – the favorite destination among hikers. Once in Dilijan try not to miss this diamond surrounded by century old trees. Take a small path that departs from the lake and in about 25 minutes you will see a wonderful ancient monastery called “Goshavank”.

Dilijan town


The cozy town of Jermuk is famous not only for its beautiful nature and mild climate, but also for its healing mineral waters. Now it is considered the most popular health resort of Armenia that attracts huge number of both locals and tourists who go there for treatment purposes. There are about 40 hyperthermal mineral wellsprings in the town the composition of which is similar to Karlovy Vary in Czech. Once in Jermuk town, try not to miss one of its main attractions and a true miracle of Armenian Highlands – Jermuk Waterfall. By the way, it is the second largest waterfall in Armenia the waters of which fall from the altitude of 68 meters. The scene is fantastic!

Jermuk town


This town is famous because of its amazing Lake Sevan – the gem of Armenian nature. There is hardly any tourist who skipped this place during their trip in Armenia. The waters of Lake Sevan shine under the friendly rays of Armenian bright sun and inspire by their beauty. Its colors change with the weather from soft azure to dark blue. Looking at the lake you will forget about everything and just enjoy the magnificent view. The rest at Sevan can be combined with the visit of different local attractions. On the Sevan peninsula, there is a beautiful Sevanavank monastery that proudly stands at the background of azure waters. If you go down the western shore you will see no less beautiful Hayravank Monastery with its 9th– century church and khachkars. By the way, the lake is also popular by its fish, so once at Sevan you can taste very delicious fish dishes prepared by famous Armenian recipes in various local restaurants. And those who prefer an active rest can windsurf, take a yacht and even dive.

Lake Sevan


This small cozy town situated at the slopes of Mount Teghenis is considered one of the most popular ski resorts of Armenia. Tsakhadzor with its mild climate, beautiful mountainous landscapes, and all the necessary ski equipment is a favorite destination for all ski and snowboard lovers not only form Armenia but from all over the world. By the way, the prices of ski equipment are low enough in comparison with world standards: about $10 dollars for 4 hours and $20 all day long. If you take the rope way and get to its highest point (2819 m) you can enjoy a breathtaking view of Mount Ararat and Lake Sevan. However, this town is beautiful and popular not only in winter, but in summer as well. From Armenian the world “Tsakhadzor” is translated as “the gorge with flowers” and it is not just a coincidence. The town really inspires by its beautiful nature. Among the attractions the most popular is Kecharis Monastery built in XI-XIII centuries by Armenian Pahlavuni princess.

Tsaghkadzor hills

So, as you have seen, Armenia has much to offer to its guest. Don’t hesitate and explore this interesting and unique country!