Best Hunting Places in the USA

The adrenaline rush that mostly comes with taking down the game is like a true hunter would understand. From tracking down an animal to taking a winning shot or posing for a picture with your kill, these all are the moments that so many hunters treasure at a time.

Although, you only take that award-winning hunting picture with the buck’s head and massive antlers et al. l hanging over your fireplace only if you know the right destination to plan for your hunting in the first place.

Do not be that hunter who usually spends days on end in the woods peering through his hunting binoculars, armed with hunting crossbows, outdoor gear that only shows up to a household with a backpack full of outdoor gears.

If you are in the way of a wild hunting experience, some destinations use rifle scope with the big game. Planning a trip to the USA with its lush rainforest and herds of big, exotic games is a hunter’s dream come true. But in that cases, if you are not ready for the USA wildlife, you just still,

Here in this article will discuss the best five of the best hunting places in the USA.

  1. Salmon, Idaho
  2. Alaska
  3. Georgetown south California
  4. Venice, Louisiana
  5. Charleston – Beckley, West Virginia

Salmon, Idaho

With a title like salmon, fishing readily comes to mind when you talk of this town. However, this area certainly lives up to its name with a beautiful trout species, salmon, and all types of fish species for hunting.

The best part is that these fishes are available all year long. In the mood to take on a bigger game? Salmon is chock full of elk, and even though the emergence of wolves has thinned the herd. There is yet room for you, though if you would rather have more of.



Wondering Alaska made a list? Since money exchanged hands back in the 1800s, Alaska is a part of America’s United States. If you are willing to hunt or the biting cold of the mountain range for the prospect of hauling some moose, then Alaska is the right hunting ground for you. You can go there.

Remember Bullwinkle, the cartoon moose your kids, can’t get enough of? You get your tree stand out and start scoping those mountains for some moose, and you might get to take Bullwinkle at your hometown. The Alaskan – Yukon bull moose have been identified to bring antlers crossing well over six feet and bulls themselves weighing in at a whopping 1,200 pounds.


Georgetown, South Carolina

The other place in Georgetown. Georgetown is so many more than the name of the University many smart youths aspire to enter. This is also the name of the city that speaks to the soul of many a hunter.

Most of the hunters prefer this area. With the variety of rivers chock full of different fish species that all converge right in Georgetown and more than a quarter-million across in a land ripe for hunting, it is not compact to see why and why.

Like the zest of free-range wild poultry? Then glance no further than Georgetown. This South Carolina hunting spot is loaded with wild turkey, quail, and other smaller games.


Venice, Louisiana

Do you regularly get the itch to hunt at different times of the year? In this Louisiana town, the season is no hitch to scratching that itch, as there is a game almost all year round.

When fishing, Venice is one destination where fish on the grill is always assured. Venice in Louisiana, that is. The Italian Venice is no point to go looking for trout. You have to Prefer your fishes bigger and more trail camera worth?

Then step out of the marshes and take on some marlin, tuna, and even swordfish but ensure to keep your hunting boots firmly you must be strapped on in marshy areas however you are at it;

We only hope you select out the waterproof variety and Try the outdoor gears. Your feet will need all the protection they can get from all that moisture. There is an Out in the woods is not the place to fall victim to some painful, toe munching fungus. And The rubber-soled hunting boots are your feet and back’s best friend in marshy fishing spots like Louisiana.


Charleston – Beckley, West Virginia

Do not dismantle that hunting blind just still. Charleston – Beckley is generally teeming with black bears, deer, and smaller game like squirrels.  Above ground, looking through your hunting binoculars, sizing up prey is what smart hunters who plan to live to hunt another day do.

Just ensure not to set up where there are too many overhead trees. Mom Don’t forget both black bears and mountain lions can climb trees. However, a hunting crossbow or a rifle is your weapon.

These are the best outdoor gear of choice. With a target as large as a deer, your prey shouldn’t be an issue. Need to get warmed up with smaller prey like a squirrel? Your rifle is a good weapon for picking off the small stuff.



To find what qualifies town as one of the best towns in the USA. Here in this article, we will help you choose the top five towns or places in the USA. The places will depend upon you whether you are a hunter, shooter, or another firearm.

Whenever you are planning to go somewhere hunting, you must keep your outdoor gear with you. There are so many different places in the USA for hunting. Every great hunting town needs a different game.