Best famous horse races for your bucket list

It doesn’t matter whether you’re into thoroughbred horse racing or not, it’s always good to have a legitimate excuse to visit various parts of the world and, to be honest, the horse races featured in this post are glamorous events that attract all walks of life, not just avid racing fans.

Each location has plenty to see and do outside of the race track, so all these exotic locations are definitely worth a visit if you love to travel.

Let’s get into our list.

Dubai World Cup – UAE

Dubai is one of the planet’s most happening places these days, a thriving metropolis that has literally risen from the sands of the desert. There’s not much you can’t do in this city and it’s one place that should be on every traveller’s visit list.

One of the world’s most famous horse races takes place in Dubai, under lights because of the heat, on the last Saturday in March each year. The Dubai World Cup is not just one race, but an entire afternoon and evening of prestigious thoroughbred racing.

Champion racehorses from right across the globe battle it out over a distance of 2000 metres to see who will be crowned champion of the lucrative event.

If you enjoy an evening of fashion, glamour, fun and excitement, followed by an after part in a city that never sleeps, then head to Dubai in late March and indulge in the experience of a lifetime.

Prix de L’Arc de Triomphe – France

France is a country on just about every globetrotter’s bucket list, especially if you’re planning visiting Paris, considered one of the world’s most romantic (and visited) cities.

From fine dining to sight seeing and absorbing France’s incredible history, there’s plenty to see and do in Paris and France as a whole.

What famous horse race takes place in Paris on the first Sunday in October every year?

The Prix de L’Arc de Triomphe, held at the Longchamp Racecourse.

Extremely popular with entrants from all over Europe, the Prix de L’Arc de Triomphe is one of the continent’s most illustrious thoroughbred races and is run over a distance of 2400 metres.

Right now it is the world’s second richest horse race when it comes to prize money, coming second only to The Everest, a race run in Sydney, Australia each year.

The Melbourne Cup – Australia

Melbourne is like the cultural capital of Australia, and that aspect is reflected in the eclectic collection of food, beverages, arts and entertainment. If you want to visit an Australian city with loads of variety when it comes to things to do, then Melbourne is definitely the place to be.

Quite possibly the biggest event of the year (not just in Melbourne but in all of Australia) takes place on the first Tuesday each November for the annual running of the prestigious Melbourne Cup.

24 of the best stayers in horse racing, representing countries from all around the globe, tough it out over a long distance of 3200 metres to see who will be victorious and claim the greatest sporting crown in the country.

It’s literally a race that stops a nation. Australian’s cease work and are glued to whatever TV they can find to watch the Melbourne Cup horses go round the track on race day. It’s also the only race that attracts punters who don’t normally have any interest in betting on a horse race.

If you can get your way to Melbourne in early November, then do it.

The Grand National – England

Held annually at the Aintree Racecourse in countryside England, this race is set amidst one of the most picturesque environments you could imagine.

Whether at the race track or exploring the area, there’s a touch of magic about the region that’s steeped in history.

The Grand National is actually a steeplechase horse race run over a distance of over 6 kilometres, so it’s really a test of both rider and horse as they negotiate 30 jumps on the way to the finish line.

It’s the richest steeplechase race in all of Europe and the race has been a yearly tradition since way back in 1839.

In the cities or the countryside, England really has so much to offer visitors and should be on your list to visit at least once in your lifetime.