Best Cafes in Samui to Check Out

One of the most unknown things about Samui is the happenin’ café scene. Just over an hour from the big city of Bangkok sits the hub of romantic relaxation. Thailand’s second largest island has more than just the tourist activities of water sports like snorkelling and windsurfing. Before the sparkling blue green waters catch your eye, take a look around the city and see the many cute coffee shops and restaurants.

Koh or Goh Samui is a fabulous spot to float from cafe to cafe. We have a list of some of the most Instagrammable cafes to check out.


Summer By Coco Tam’s

An idyllic beach lays before you while a delicious iced drink sits in your hand, what could be more perfect!! Summer by Coco Tam’s is a great spot on the island to lay out in the summer sun and soak up the rays. A cafe with so many photo ops will guarantee a great shot to show off on your Instagram.


The experience of a lifetime

When in Samui, make the most of the beautiful and affordable luxury on the island. Such an experience is too beautiful to waste in a boring hotel. Be sure to stay in a lovely Samui villa where all the comforts of home are provided and then some. A private pool for you, your family and friends. A gourmet kitchen for your private chef to cook and authentic island style Thai dinner. Even a movie room, billiard table, outdoor dining patio, and so much more is available when staying in a Samui Villa.


Can’t go wrong here

Cafe De Pier x Samui has unparalleled sea views. Any photo of you here will make you the envy of all your followers. Besides the great looks, they have great food and drink, perfect all around.


Tranquility matters

A lovely lunch beside the lotus pond will refresh your afternoon and the photos will brighten your feed. The rush of Bangkok will melt away at Café Lae Bua. This tranquil spot has all the drink choices you could want. No matter which you choose, the caffeine will get you ready to face what’s next.


Work in style or just relax

The perfect place to chill and get some work done. A quirky name but a sleek venue, What Buff will surprise and delight you. Come take a break while sipping your much needed fuel. A minimal and stylish corner cafe will get you into the literary mood with its poetic vibe. Ready to write all those captions for your cafe hopping posts?


Greenery in the garden

Little Garden Café is just as it sounds, a cafe in a little garden, very zen and peaceful. Placed by the sea for optimal views this spot will get you in touch with nature and add some green to your feed. At the top of the digital nomads must visit list. It’s a great place for drinks and pics.


Artists at work!

Here Slow Bar Coffee is definitely the spot to get those drink pics for your upcoming post. Not the greatest place for a selfie but the art these magicians create behind the espresso machine is top tier. Impress your coffee aficionado friends with amazing pics of some super skilled, handcrafted coffee.