Best Australian Road Trips – [video guides]

compressI think Australia is the perfect place to take a road trip. Its a huge country with vast expanses of unspoiled outback where you can drive at leisure, stopping off at various destinations like Uluru, the Blue Mountains, and Sydney Opera House!

Of course, because there is so much open road to explore in Australia, it can be difficult to determine the route of your road trip. To help you out here are some of the best Australian road trips for your consideration.

Start your engines and lets get going!

The Great Ocean Road in Victoria

The Great Ocean Road is one of those roads where the scenery is as beautiful as any of the attractions that you might want to stop and take a look out on the way. You can drive your minibus rental along this famous Australian road trip route and never get bored with the view. So, you’ll want to slow down and take your time on this one. Some people take several weeks just working there ways along this route, and if you have the time and the money to do the same, it’s definitely the best way to explore the Great Ocean Road.

Popular attractions along this route include the 12 Apostles – 12 majestic rocks that rise up out of the Victoria coast- Loch Ard Gorge and the Port Campbell National Park.

Check out this awesome video guide to the Great Ocean Road trip by Jackson Groves.

The Savannah Way in Queensland

The Savannah Way is a long and winding road trip running from Cairns to Queensland in Western Australia. It stretches approximately 3700 kilometres, and is one of the most impressive road trips in the world, mainly due to attractions like Millaa Millaa Falls, Boodjamulla National Park, Undara Lava Tubes and Cobbold Gorge.

Sparky’s on the loose created this great video guide to the Savannah Way in Australia.

The Red Centre Way in the Northern Territory

The Red Centre Way has to be on this list because it is one of the best routes through the spectacular Australian Outback. Starting out from Uluru, which you should spend some not inconsiderable time enjoying in its own right, especially at sunset when it looks simply magical, you’ll journey to Alice Springs, discovering mind-blowingly beautiful landscapes, including plunging canyons and impressive gorges, and countless hiking spots, along the way.

Attractions you can expect to see on a Red Centre Way road trip include Uluru (Ayer’s Rock), Kings Canyon and Glen Helen Gorge – all prime examples of nature at her very best.

The Gibb River Road in Western Australia

The Gibb River Road is great for lovers of adventure who want to take a walk on the wild side. Little more than a dirt track that meanders through The Kimberelys, you’ll get a first hand taste of Australian wilderness, albeit from the relative comfort of your vehicle.

If you’re brave enough to tackle this road trip it goes without saying that an all-terrain vehicle is a must, and due to its wild location, you’ll need to pack up lots of camping supplies, food and water too, but if you go for it, you’ll be rewarded in spades by unparalleled views of awe-inspiring gorges, spectacular waterfalls, rich plains, aboriginal artefacts and even the odd cattle station over a stunning 700 kilometres.

For an in-depth guide to Gibb River road I recommend you watch this video

Obviously, because of its location, you should really try to embark on this road trip between May and October when conditions are better and road grading season is over.

Highlights of the Gibb River Road include Tunnel Creek, King Leopold Ranges, and Zebedee Springs.

Darwin – Kakadu – Katherine

If you’re up for exploring the Northern Territory, then a trip from Darwin to Kakadu to Katherine is just the ticket. You’ll take in a number of interesting sights, including Kakadu National Park, Litchfield National Park, and Katherine Gorge, and because you’re so far up, you’ll see some of the most spectacular sunsets you’ve ever seen, or ever will see, in your life. Be sure to go for a swim in one of the many swimming holes at Litchfield.

Attractions you’ll. See along the way on this northern trip, include Mindil Beach markets, Yellow Water Billabong Cruises, and Florence Falls.

Check out Expedia’s guide to Kakadu National Park. Well worth exploring!

These are arguably Australia’s greatest road trips, but there are so many different routes you can take, that you could easily spend the next five years doing little more than travel around Australia, if only you had the time. So, do take the time to explore everything that Australia has to offer before settling on a road trip, and more importantly, take the time to learn a bit about Australia, its ways and its hazards, so that you don’t get into trouble when you’re out there!