Best attractions in UAE, outside Dubai

When travelling to one of the safest countries in the world you should have a plan. The United Arab Emirates is a wonderful place to enjoy a vacation. From rolling sand hills to huge metropolitans like Dubai, whatever you like to do will be available. If you feel a little impulsive, try something new.

Everyone has heard of Dubai and all the things that can be done there. It is strongly suggested that you spend some time in the city, enjoying everything that it has to offer. But you need to understand, there are areas outside of the city that you can see. Land in Dubai with an Air Arabia booking, enjoy the city and the night life, then move on to see the rest of the country.

Sir Bani Yas

An island in the Persian Gulf, what more can be said. It is the home of the largest wildlife park and has since become a bird refuge as well. Free roaming animals fill the island, trees and foliage grow naturally, and birds fly free. All because of direct conservation efforts over the decades.

That is not all there is to it though. An island will have some beaches, and Sir Bani Yas has some great ones. You can lay out in the sun, swim in the ocean, sail off the coasts, kayak, or even get some fishing in. Whatever you have in mind, this natural made island will have an offering for you.

Ajman Museum

If culture and history are up your alley the Ajman Museum is a must see. It is housed in Ajman city and the building itself is part of the history of the UAE. At one time it was the first line of defence for the area. It has since gone through a few different stages, being the palace for the local ruler at one time, then being converted to a police station.

Now it houses a building where the history of Ajman can be protected and viewed. Inside you will find archaeological finds that date back to 3000 BC, manuscripts, folk wear, and weapons from the past. You will also find a souvenir shop to help you remember your trip. If you do not read Arabic, you do not have to worry because everything is also displayed with English writing.

Fujairah Fort

Another historical site that you must see is the Fujairah Fort. It was built in the 16th century, which makes it one of the oldest forts in the UAE. It stood tall through decades of war, surviving the Wahhabis invasion attempts, as well as the British bombing by the Royal Navy.

Since then, it has been a military fort, royal palace, prison, and an execution chamber. It is now one of the biggest tourist attractions in Fujairah and can be booked for high end weddings. When you use Air Arabia booking services to fly into the city, make sure the Fort is on your list of “must see.”

Ajman City Centre

While you are in town visiting the museum you might as well give in to your shopping bug. Ajman City Centre is the location of the biggest mall in the UAE. Anything that you could want to buy can be found here. Along with food, entertainment, and socialisation. That is right, the mall is a wonderful place to meet some new friends.

There are over 70 stores inside the two-story building. The movie house offers 9 screens to view your favourite movie on, and there are 15 food outlets to satisfy any hunger craving. When you come to the UAE make sure you set a day aside for this shopping adventure that you will not likely forget about any time soon.

Sheikh Zayed Mosque

A trip to the UAE would not be complete without seeing the largest mosque in the country. Sheikh Zayed Mosque is in the capital city of Abu Dhabi. The building took over 10 years to build, sporting white pillars of jewel studded rock, marble archways, gold inlaid chandeliers, and has the largest carpet used in any mosque.

The Grand Mosque was completed in 2007 and was named after the first president of the Emirates. It is the key place of worship for the people of UAE, so when visiting make sure you follow the rules. A trip to Abu Dhabi would simply not be complete without making a trip here.

Hili Fun City

A vacation is all about having fun, and nothing shouts fun more than a theme park. For big and little kids, as well as the kid inside of you, the Hili Fun City Park offers it all. It has rides, an ice-skating rink, and shows for all ages. The park is situated about 15 minutes outside of Abu Dhabi so it will be a fun escape from the city when you have a day set aside for it.

Inside you can find food and snacks to keep hungry rumblings away, and close by there are numerous places to dine in. Overall, Hili Fun City Park has over 30 attractions, including some of the most common such as roller coasters and pedal boats. Don’t plan a trip to the UAE without visiting this amazing fun filled park.

Dibba Al-Hisn

This Portuguese built fort located in Dibba Al-Hisn is the best place to experience the history of war that the people of emirates had to endure.  The city itself is full of adventure and learning. If sea adventures are more your style, there are numerous beaches to lounge around on, as well as opportunities to deep sea fish, scuba dive, and swim.

If you like to eat fish, but prefer not to catch them yourself, take a trip to the fish market. Fresh fish of all kinds will be laid out in front of you. Be aware, though, that this is one of the most densely populated areas so bring a social butterfly with you.


There are so many interesting and exciting places to visit in the UAE that it would take a book to go over them all. Your best bet is to book a flight and come experience all that the country has to offer. It is best to plan ahead, though, because with all the places to see you may run out of time.