Best 7 Things You Definitely Know Before You Go Camping

Ah, the great outdoors. Summer may be gradually drawing to a close but there’s still plenty of time to get the most out of the countryside while you still can. So pack up your bags and get ready to head to the country. But first off, check our list of those all-important camping essentials. We’ll give you the lowdown on:

  • What to pack
  • What to expect
  • What to do if it all looks like it’s going wrong

So without further ado, let’s pull out those rucksacks and get started.

A Multitool for Every Occasion

It goes without saying that there’s nothing worse than pulling out your tins of delicious cold beans and realising you left the tin opener behind. There’s no end of top companies out there offering reliable multitools that will keep all your bases covered. They come in a number of sizes and shapes, and with a varying number of features. We can highly recommend Gerber, Leatherman, and Victorinox penknives.

Heed the Call of the Wild

If you’re planning a trip in the UK, it’s unlikely you’ll see anything more threatening than a rabbit. There are plans to reintroduce wolves in the far North of Scotland, but right now, it’s all perfectly safe. However, throughout Europe and North America, there are real dangers. It’s best to ensure that all rubbish is picked from the ground and slung over a tree branch. That way, wild animals are less likely to disturb your camp.

Pay Attention to the Weather

It goes without saying that a thorough knowledge of the forecast will make all the difference. Some people are just fine with bad weather and enjoy the new challenges that it poses. However, if you’re not one of them, it pays to be prepared. And don’t stake everything on a weather forecast. Trust your own eyes and if you feel like things might turn, be prepared to find a solution. You can always head home to play free slots with no deposit and to win real money like a pro instead.

Water, Water, Water, No Matter What

There’s no such thing as too much water. If you’re heading off into an unpopulated area, bring a generous amount of fluids with you. Dehydration can lead to severe problems and there may not be anyone around to help. It might also be worthwhile investing in water purification tablets, just in case.

Wear and Pack Multiple Layers

It can be easy to underestimate just how far temperatures can drop over the course of a day. It pays to ensure that you have a selection of layers available. Try and make sure you’ve got something warm in your rucksack. Hypothermia can strike in minutes and its disorientating effects can prove lethal. A dry, warm jumper can make all the difference. Likewise, ensure you have some reliable waterproof clothing on hand. You can pick up very good pieces without spending a fortune.

Your Boots Are Made for Walking and That’s Just What They Do

There’s no sounder investment than a solid pair of walking boots. Camping generally involves a certain amount of hiking, whether by choice or necessity. A reliable pair of boots keeps your feet warm and dry. Equally important, a well-fitted pair will ensure that you don’t end up with excessive calluses and blisters. Make sure you’ve got some good thick socks as well. Heavy boots with thin socks are a recipe for disaster and a guarantee that your feet really will feel it. Redwing boots are a fantastic if very expensive choice. Or you can just head over to your local outdoor supplies shop.

Don’t Be Afraid to Spend Money on a Rucksack

It’s easy to try and cut costs by choosing the cheaper options where available, and that’s fine. But there’s one thing that you should consider investing a fair amount in and that’s your rucksack. A quality one can promise years, or even decades, of faithful service. And when properly set up, the comfort levels wholly justify any costs. Make sure you pick the right one for you.

And there it is: seven key things to bear in mind. You’ve read the article, what are you waiting for? The outdoors is waiting for you.