Best 7 National Parks in Canada

Everyone needs a break from their tiring life once in a while. They need a place where they are free from their daily life responsibilities and can quickly vent their stress simultaneously. If this is the case, no need to worry. We are here with some best places to cater your needs.

Pacific Rim National Park Reserve

Pacific Rim National Park is ranked the number one site to visit for its attraction in Canada. The park is situated along the coastline with dense forests, making it an ideal place to visit. The forest is of great significance because of the variety of wildlife animals located there. Vancouver Island wolf, black bear, cougars, and many different animals are mainly sighted there. The park is your doorway to the west coast of Vancouver Island. There is a one hour walk before the hike along the mythical west coast trail. Remember to pre-plan everything before leaving with family. Book a guide or an instructor to guide you through the place for a fulfilling experience. Bonfire nights are incredible for the people who visit with friends. Kayaking and canoeing are a mesmerizing experience because of the park’s blue water and marine wildlife. What makes the canoeing experience more impressive is the sighting of humpback whales, seals, porpoises, sea lion, and several more marine wildlife. However, if you still have doubts about visiting this place, you can always visit essay samples for more information.

Banff National Park

The Banff national park is one of the major tourist attractions in Canada. What makes this place so special is its mesmerizing beauty. The mountain ranges, let alone are breathtaking while their peaks covered in snow, adds to its beauty. The forest consists of coniferous trees. The high mountain meadows are full of low grass, and between the mountains lies crystal clear lakes. Every year at a particular time, several people come from remote areas to visit this site and observe its magnificent views. Apart from the views, people also indulge in outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, chinook rafting, and wild water adventures. Driving the scenic icefield parkway is one of the essential things to do while visiting Banff national park. If you plan to leave for the weekend and get a college essay due, you can always pay someone to write an essay.

Yoho National Park

Yoho is one of the best national parks in Canada. It is an absolute sanctuary for outdoor lovers. The fantastic thing about Yoho is that it is not just a park. It is home to thousands of fossils. So if you are interested in archeology, this park might be the best fit to visit. Yoho is known for its breathtaking scenery, and it has some exceptionally best hiking tracks. So if you are a hiking lover, Yoho should be on the top of your priority list. It is the best place for you to get lost in the woods for a fantastic weekend with your friends or family. The reason behind Yoho being one of the top national parks in Canada is because of its clear blue thrashing waterfalls. Waterfalls are generally an incredible sight, but Yoho’s waterfall is quite exceptional. It is mainly because of its clean water and deep blue lakes, making you want to swim even if you are not in the mood. However, that is not it. If you ever plan to visit Yoho, do not forget to hire a guide to assist so that you do not get lost in its dense forest, where every way seems the same. The wildlife here is concerned with as many wild animals are located here such as cougar, wolverine, timber wolf, and coyote. However, the instructor will guide you through the best ways in order to avoid dangerous animals. Conclude your trip by seeing some of the remains of ancient fossils and earliest beings on earth for a fulfilling experience.

Jasper National Park

No doubt, there are many best parks in Canada. Nevertheless, jasper state parks fall in a different category from Canada state parks. There is no denying this park’s beauty with its mountain peak covered in rough snow, vast glaciers, and alpine meadows. This park falls in the category of the best Canadian national parks because of its extensive biking track. The wildlife located here is rare, such as elk, caribou, and bighorn sheep, but that is not all. What makes this park different is the view here at night. Many parks are useless to visit at night because of the darkness, but jasper national park is unique in this matter. This park happens to be one of the incredible places on earth to observe the night sky. While visiting these fun places, there is a slight chance you might miss out on your homework, such as an essay. To help out in this situation, essay correcting services are always there to cater to your needs.

Thousand Islands National Park

Another best national park in Canada is known as the thousand islands. The park should be visited between May and October because the islands are accessible by boat. Remember, before visiting this park, bring your kayak or canoe with you to see the views along the river. However, if your family is with you and canoeing is not possible, take your family on a drive along the incredible parts of the park.

Cape Breton Highlands National Park

Cape Breton falls under the category of Canada national parks. The park is ideal for visiting in July and August. Cruising along the Cabot trail coastline is a necessary thing to do if you are visiting this park. The wildlife here comprises endangered lynx, moose, grouse, minke whales, harbor seals, and if you are very lucky, bald eagles. This park has a reputation for its hiking track, not to mention its cultural history. Suppose you are looking for a place to cool off. It might be it.

Gros Morne National Park

Gros Morne national park is different in its way, just like every park is. The park is full of wonders. Its high mountains are naturally made with granite. There are several forests, beaches, and waterfalls, making it quite a tourist attraction. Do not forget to try beachcombing, kayaking, and several different activities while you are there.


Parks are a gift of nature to humankind. So if you plan to have a trip to Canada, do not forget to visit these places for a fun time. For it is healthy to experience and explore new places in life.