8 Benefits Of Travelling With Someone Else

You see many articles around why it’s beneficial for people to travel alone, but not so many surrounding how fantastic it can be to see the world with someone else. Here are just some of the best reasons to grab a friend or family member on your next adventures.

It Can Be Safer

Reasons to travel with othersAlthough some people will look out for you more, when you are travelling solo, it also does make you a bit of a target. With someone with you, you can keep tabs on each other and have someone to call, if anything bad happens. Having that connection in a strange country is really useful.

A Lot Of Fun

Travelling with others is just fun. You can laugh and cry together. It often also strengthens the bonds between friends, as they go through life-changing experiences together. There’s nothing better than seeing some stunning sights in another country, other than sharing the same experience with someone that you love.

Splitting Costs

Splitting costs when travellingIt’s often far cheaper to travel, if there is more than one of you. For example, you can hire a private car from the airport, with a company like Blacklane, and be driven straight to your hotel, before you fall asleep on the runway. Splitting costs makes choices like this entirely affordable, so keep that in mind.

Two Heads Are Better Than One

When travelling abroad, you’ll run into many problems. Although you should be able to solve them by yourself, having someone else with you can often mean that issues get resolved more efficiently and quickly. Put your heads together, to get yourself out of any sticky situations.


Sharing responsibilities means that you can both use your strengths to your fullest. If your friend is an excellent driver, but you are a superb navigator, you are a match made in heaven. Know what you’re good at and share your holiday organisation fairly.

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Teach each other new things. For example, you can try to pick up the country’s language more quickly, if you practice with each other. Learn from each other; it will help to kill some travelling time, and it will also make your holiday run more smoothly.

Creating Memories

Although creating memories with yourself is perfectly fine, it’s always nice to reflect on beautiful moments with your friends, who were also with you on your travels. It’s difficult to reminisce on the good times, if you set-off by yourself. Make memories with your favourite people instead!

Travelling with other people advice


Being with friends can give you the courage to do things that you wouldn’t normally try. Travelling can put you out of your comfort zone in so many ways. With your friends at your back, you are more likely to say yes to exciting opportunities and interesting new food. Help support each other to get the most out of your holiday, instead of letting it float by you, without taking any risks.