Android apps for road trips – Download these now!

Ah… the open road. There’s nothing quite like driving off into the sunset with nothing but the wind in your hair, the asphalt under your tires and, of course, your trusty smartphone.

Your android phone has the potential to become the travel buddy of your dreams, especially if you download the right apps before you head out.

Android Auto

If your vehicle isn’t already hooked up with Android Auto functionality, you can download the app, which is now available on any Android smartphone.

This app allows you to wake up your phone, use maps, play music and send messages with voice control so that you can be safer when using your phone on the road. Get this road trip essential here. 


Have you ever filled up your tank just to drive past another gas station with a cheaper price? With GasBuddy, that’ll never happen to you again.

GasBuddy uses user-generated data to inform its community of the cheapest fuel prices in the area so that you never spend more on gas than you have to. Check it out at this link.


TripAdvisor’s app makes it easy to access information on hotels, restaurants, and things to do on your phone. You can find business hours, read reviews and learn about popular attractions near your location all in one place with this app. Download it here.

Automatic Call Recorder for Me

If you get an important phone call while you’re driving, you don’t get a chance to take notes to help you remember the information you got on the call.

You can set this app to automatically record all calls, calls from certain numbers, all incoming calls or all outgoing calls and easily access the recordings later so that you don’t forget any crucial info. Learn more at this link.


When you’re exploring an unfamiliar place, it can be difficult to get around, remember your way back and know what’s around. You could use navigation apps on your phone, but data can be expensive and Wi-Fi isn’t always available. Maps.Me allows you to download maps for free so that you can use them offline and won’t get lost whether you have an Internet connection or not. Check it out here.


This app practically turns your car into a connected vehicle. Just plug the required device into your dash and you’ll get information on driving, maintenance needs, and gas usage. It also allows you to track your vehicle so you never lose it in the parking lot again. Get more information here.


This app is perfect for finding the amenities you need while on the highway. You can search for certain businesses or view what’s available near you. Whether you need a bite to eat, a hotel, an ATM, gas or other services, iExit has you covered. Learn morehere.



Findery is like a virtual tour guide for wherever you happen to find yourself. Users of the app mark places of interest and can add photos, information, tips, and personal stories.

Not only does this app help you find interesting spots, it lets people who have been there tell you about them and allows you to share your experiences with others. Download it here.

Today’s road trippers have an advantage over the travelers of years past. They can use their smartphones to guide them on their adventures, help them find cool locations, save them money and keep them safe. Makes sure you load up at least a few of these apps before you head out on your next road trip.