Advice for Safe and Healthy Travel for Students

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Travelling is one of the best experiences in life. It is a great opportunity to discover new cultures, broaden your outlook and learn more about the world. Some people think that in order to see the world you need to earn a fortune to be able to afford it. The secret is that it is possible to visit another country without having a lot of money.

The best time to travel

Life is divided into different periods but the mist favorable time for travelling is when you are a student – young, active, curious and free. Having no obstacles and boundaries, being at the age when you want to explore and discover most. Money is not a problem when to plan and arrange in the right way.

Safe and healthy travelling

Good planning is the foundation of safe and sound travelling. It includes various stages and aspects:

Planning budget. Your budget depends on the place and country you are going to visit. The further the place, the more money you will need. Start saving extra cash long before the trip and use opportunities to earn something. Student write papers for money, help elderly people about the house to get some cash or simply find a part-time job.

Useful advice of other travelers. The Internet is full of information and tourist guides that tell a lot about discounts and cheap offers. Discover more to find out about budget airlines, special offers and cheap hotels.

Travel light. No matter where you go, do not take a lot of things with you. The less you have, the better for. You do not have to check in a small bag and it is always easier to carry. Do not take clothes and items you are not sure you will use. Take only things you are sure you will use.

Stay in touch with your family and friends. If you are visiting another place on your own, you must stay in touch with your family and friends so that they know that everything is fine with you. Charge your phone regularly and, if you do not have a possibility, let them know not to worry about you.

Conduct a small research. Find out as much as possible about a country and a particular place you are going to before you start your trip. You need to know small things like local rules, specific cultural taboos or simply weather conditions in the area. For instance, in some countries white colours are considered to be a mourning colour, and not black.

Local cuisine. Do not forget about trying local dishes but do not go to expensive restaurants. Visit small cafes, pubs and restaurant far away from the centre – they are always cheaper and serve good food.

No matter where you study or where you live, use every opportunity to explore the world and see as much as possible. Always remember that you do not need to be a millionaire to see the world, you need to have a strong desire.

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