Advice on travelling with a disability

Going on holiday is an exciting, relaxing and sometimes stressful time. If you have a disability that impacts your functionality it can be difficult to find the perfect destination. There is even more preparation and research to be done when travelling with a disability.

Here are some tips and tricks to help you prepare for your next holiday.

Book your flight in advance

First up, avoid connecting flights to make things easier and to reduce the risk of damaging your equipment. Call ahead to make the airline aware of your disability – and remember to be specific!

If you need assistance on and off the plane, tell them. If you need a wheelchair, include what type of chair it is. For example, if you use a manual chair then you may need an aisle seat with assistance to get on and off the aircraft. The more information you provide, the more prepared they can be to help you.

If you are a US resident, check out the Air Carrier Access Act to learn about your rights while flying.

Book taxis to and from the airport

You don’t want to arrive at your destination, only to find you can’t get to your hotel. Ask your accommodation whether they have a shuttle bus or taxi service? If not, then research local taxis or Uber services that can transport you. Of course, check to see if these services are accessible.

You can use these services throughout your trip as well.

Get accommodation with wheelchair access

Finding accessible accommodation is tricky to say the least. If you need a ground floor room and roll in shower, then make sure you get it! Accommodation is not the place for compromise. You know what you need, so let the hotel staff know.

If your accommodation makes any promises, regarding accessibility, ensure you get it in writing so you can hold them to it!

Research the area you are going to

Research the accessibility of your destination. You may need public transportation or central accommodation so you don’t have to travel as far. Research the attractions as well so you can give yourself time to prepare for different situations.

Preparation and research is the key to a great holiday.

Why not take a road trip?

The idea of a road trip might be daunting but it doesn’t have to be with the right planning. If you are worried about transport, there are many accessible cars available such as those from Allied Mobility, that come in a range of styles to make your road trip experience even more enjoyable.

Whether you decide to take a holiday at home or abroad these tips should help you begin a great experience.