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We have a range of great advertising and sponsorship packages to suit your budget and needs.

Social Media Influence

  • Twitter: 8,900+ followers
  • Facebook: 2,000+ fans
  • Instagram: 1,100+ followers

Brands we've worked with


  • Ages 25-34  (40%),  34-44 (20%), 45-54 (13%)
  • Gender split currently 50 / 50.
  • Highest traffic from UK, USA & Europe.

Social Media Services

Our social networks serve to expand our growing network of contributors on this site and also broadcast our content to thousands of subscribers every day.

Our social media influence and reach are very important to our business, we pride ourself on engaging with our audience, sharing our content, our ideas and travel information. With instant broadcasting we get instant responses.

You can utilise our social network reach too in a number of useful ways for great brand exposure and social media “buzz”.

  • Live tweeting during events for instant feedback and trending discussions
  • Instant micro-blogging during press trips and sponsored reviews
  • Targeted social network engagement via our Facebook fan page
  • Network specific promotions
  • Exclusive Facebook competitions
  • Content distribution and engagement via twitter and Facebook
  • Advertising direct to our Facebook subscribers
  • Exclusive Facebook page sponsorship opportunities

To discuss how you can utilise our social media power…

Reviews and Press Trips

Travel bloggers are, by nature, active and adventurous. We love to travel as much as we can and we spend the rest of our time creating authoritative and trustworthy travel blogs with a growing influence on people booking flights, hotels and tours online. We also offer great influence on social networks and love to tweet as we travel. We get our opinions online within minutes and our blog posts get traffic for months and sometimes years. Something no print-publication can offer.

In house reviews

Editors of Travel With a Mate, Matt and Deborah Preston often take part in press trips all over the world and arrange sponsored review trips with tourist boards, tour operators and hotel brands. We’ve reviewed tours in Cambodia, luxury trains in Asia, skiing in Bulgaria, hotels in Denmark, safaris in Borneo and much more.

Trusted writer reviews

Our site has over 180 great writers who all have their own travel blogs too. We send our most trusted bloggers on press trips and can arrange sponsored review trips too. We have a network of writers all over the world so it’s easy for us to find the right travel blogger for your project. We’ve sent our writers to review a 5 day surf school in Australia, Trekking in the Canary Islands and even had competition winners become writers.

Twice the brand exposure

Working with us and our team of contributors means you’ll get more than just the coverage of one blog. We often produce multiple review articles for our sister sites and partners. Our contributors also are requested to create articles both for our site and their own blog.


If you want to publish an article on our site or any other, but don’t have the time, resources or skills to produce the content? Don’t worry we can write it for you. We know exactly what content works best for our visitors. With years of experience with travel blogging we can help get your message across without sounding too pushy. We know what our audience like to read about and the best styles of writing for the internet. To get a quote for sponsored content or our copywriting service please contact us to discuss your project.


We love to give away prizes! Who doesn’t love a competition right? We’ve had some great partners over the years bringing fantastic travel prizes, cash prizes, gadget prizes and even entire holiday prizes too.

We run on average around 5 competitions a year and we’ve given away everything from holidays for two including flights, Cameras and iPads, Vouchers and money to spend on your travels too.

Be sure to bookmark our site and check back regularly for our latest competitions. You can also follow us on twitter and Facebook too as we always post our competitions there.

If you’re a travel brand looking to promote your products with a prize give-away then contact us right now and we can discuss the best ways to engage with our audience. Competitions can benefit your brand in a number of ways:-

  • Grab the attention of our audience
  • Make your brand stand out from the crowd
  • Capture useful market research
  • Enjoy increased CTR from a highly targetable demographic
  • Engage with visitors to produce content specific to your promotion
  • Show how great and generous your brand is!

Exclusive competitions on our site also include

  • Full sponsored post with multiple deep links to your site
  • Free banner advertising to promote your brand and prizes
  • Increased regular promotion through our popular social networks
  • Greatly increased traffic boost through partner website incoming links


We offer a range of advertising services from banner ads to guest articles. We guarantee 12 months coverage and can tailor our packages to suit your needs.