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We started this travel magazine back in 2010 when the travel blogging world was in its infancy. 

We're veterans with a vast and exciting portfolio of adventures around the world. 

Our site features content by publishers from around the world. 

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Travel bloggers are, by nature, active and adventurous. We love to travel as much as we can and we spend the rest of our time creating authoritative and trustworthy travel blogs with a growing influence on people booking flights, hotels and tours online.

We also offer great influence on social networks and love to tweet as we travel. We get our opinions online within minutes and our blog posts get traffic for months and sometimes years. Something no print-publication can offer.

Partnerships with amazing brands

Editors of Travel With a Mate, Matt and Deborah Preston often take part in press trips all over the world and arrange sponsored review trips with tourist boards, tour operators and hotel brands.

We’ve reviewed tours in Cambodia, luxury trains in Asia, skiing in Bulgaria, hotels in Denmark, safaris in Borneo and much more.