A night at Hampton Court Palace

Have you ever wanted to spend the night at Hampton Court Palace? If so then pack a suitcase and head to Hampton Court, one of the most revered royal residences in the UK. You will be able to enjoy the palace to the full and learn more about the history of England and its monarchs.

King Henry VIII’s favourite Palace

what to see in londonHampton Court was once the home of the colourful King Henry VIII, who acquired it in the 1520s, before developing it according to his tastes. The palace is in the Tudor and Baroque architectural styles. The interior is stunning and the gardens contain historical tennis courts, a famous maze and a huge grape vine that is considered to be the largest grape vine in the world. The palace contains many different furnishings and art pieces from the Royal Collection. The most important being Mantegna’s Triumphs of Caesar, which is housed in the Lower Orangery.

“Dusk til Dawn” sleepover

unusual places to stay in londonOn September 27th, visitors were able to spend the night at the court of Elizabeth I during the ‘Dusk till Dawn’ event. Visitors had the chance to not only dine but also have breakfast in her Privy Kitchen and dance in her Great Hall, the event included feature entertainment and stories about her life. The dinner was a feast of original Elizabethan food, and the elderflower cheesecake was well spoken of by all. The sleepover occurred in the Cartoon Gallery that overlooks Fountain Court. The gallery got its name due to the stunning 16th century ‘cartoons’ that adorn the walls, and is the ideal setting for large receptions.

During that evening, there were a variety of activities for visitors to get their teeth into.  This included Elizabethan music and dance performances, and two tours that have been written exclusively for the evening, a visit to the Haunted Gallery. This gave visitors the chance to venture into parts of the palace that visitors rarely get to see. There was also live interaction with members of the court. Overall, it was a magical experience to sleepover at a Royal Palace, so if you get the chance to spend the night on one, do not hesitate.

Medieval Hall

what to do at hampton court palaceDuring your stay at the palace, why not take a look at England’s last and greatest medieval hall, which is situated inside the building? The room itself is a spectacular sight to see. The walls are adorned with the most luxurious tapestries that King Henry VII owned, and it has seen a variety of important and famous guests and politicians, the most recent being the former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair. He arranged a meeting between heads of state and European Union government members in the Great Hall.

You can also discover more about the Tudor lifestyle, and enjoy an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the lives of the people who lived and worked at the palace. Some of the biggest kitchens of Tudor England are situated at Hampton Court Royal Palace, and the palace regularly hosts cookery events and other activities in the kitchens of the Palace.

Hampton Court Palace is situated in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames and can be accessed from Richmond tube station or Hampton Court and Hampton Wick train stations. A London map will be available in many stores in London, which will make Hampton Court and other London tourist attractions easy to find.

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