A guide to visiting Portland, Oregon

The largest city in Oregon also happens to be one of the funkiest cities to visit in the USA.

Creative and bohemian it’s known for its microbreweries, coffeehouses and eco-friendliness.

There’s also plenty of other incredible things to do though, here is our guide to how to spend your time in wonderful Portland…

Beyond Bizarre Walking Tour

In a city as old as Portland, there are bound to be a few supernatural occurrences. Whether you are a believer in the paranormal realm or a stark skeptic, you can appreciate the history awarded during the Beyond Bizarre Walking tour.

The tour takes visitors through both Old Town and Chinatown and participants have the opportunity to use real ghost hunting equipment. If you are traveling with children, you will have to skip this tour as it is only for those 18 or older.

Also, it is highly recommended to purchase tickets in advance as those that purchase on site do not get access to ghost hunting equipment and are merely spectators. 

Priority Wine Pass

Wine tasting is something special in Portland, Oregon and for those that enjoy sampling the best vino the region has to offer, the priority wine pass is your best option.

Instead of purchasing multiple wine tasting tours, you get access to over 400 winery partners throughout Washington, Oregon, and California.

The pass not only provides an endless opportunity to taste a range of wines, but some amazing discounts as well.

Ask your hotel’s concierge service for details. 

Stay in a cool hotel

In a city known for its creativity, there are no shortage of amazing places to stay.

From funky retro hotels (Jupiter Hotel) to former schools refurbished in a vintage chic style (the McMenamins Kennedy School) there are some really unique and interesting places to make your base so you can really enjoy your in time in Portland.

For more ideas check out this list published by GlobalGrasshopper who wrote about all the amazing hotels there.

Indoor Skydiving Experience

If you have ever wanted to try your hand at jumping from 30,000 feet in the air, but lack the courage to actually go through with it, not to fear.

Portland as a top rated Indoor Skydiving Experience. It is skydiving without the underlying fear that the parachute will not open.

The experience gives you actual skydiving training and two different opportunities to take on the skydiving tunnel.

There is a 300 lbs. limit on participants, so if you are blessed with a little more fluff than average, you might have to skip this one. 

Small Group Craft Breweries Tour By Bike

Walking tours can be fun, but when in Portland, biking is the way to see the world like a local.

The bike tour takes you to various small breweries to sample local beer selections, have snacks, and just get to know people.

Tours are let by native Portlanders, so they are excellent for gathering information on the city without traditional touristy information.

Naturally, as this is an alcoholic based tour, it is only for 21 and up and it is also required that each biker wear a proper safety helmet when riding. This tour by Beercycling is a great one.

2.5 Hour Dinner Cruise Through Downtown Portland

Being a coastal city, Portland has its fair share of rivers and the Willamette River runs directly through downtown Portland and traveling along its banks is by far the best way to experience the city, especially if you want a more intimate experience without heavy crowds.

Full dinner, an exceptionally decorated dining room, and live music are all part of the experience as you cruise along the Willamette River and see the historically famous Milwaukee Waterfront.

Diners enjoy a unique Pacific Northwest meal and sightseeing along the way. 

Vintage Shopping

Portland is a very old city founded in 1845, therefore, it has a lot of antique pieces of furnishings and historic buildings, but while traveling in Portland, you might also want to do a bit of shopping.

Vintage is always in in this quirky city, so be sure to check out some of the many vintage shops along the way.

Portland, Oregon is not simply home to a few vintage variety shops, but is said to have the most compared to any city in the United States.

If vintage is your thing, you are not going to want to miss the opportunity to shop in this classically vintage wonderland. 

Visit the Screen Door for Brunch

Brunch is very popular in Portland and for that reason, many brunch oriented restaurants dot the landscape. Among the most popular, by far is the Screen Door restaurant.

Lines for this establishment often stretch around the block and even if you must stand in line, it is well worth the wait, but for those who cannot afford the long wait, this restaurant takes reservations for its brunch.

Enjoy foods like chicken and waffles, red velvet pancakes, and much more at this uniquely Portland brunch experience. 

Starks Vacuum Museum

You are not reading this wrong.

There is an actual vacuum museum in Portland, Oregon. In a city where quirky is to be praised, it is not surprising that one of these exists.

It is located in Starks Vacuum Cleaner Sales and Repair.

Where it might seem odd to visit a vacuum museum, when in Portland, so what seems weird. Tucked into the back of this, still working vacuum repair shop, there is a museum with over 300 different vacuums featured.

The history of one of our most essential appliances is perfectly on display at this store. 

Visit a Guinness Book Record Holder

Portland has one and it is not something you might think of. Portland, Oregon is not home to the fastest man in the world or even the largest skillet, but something a bit smaller.

It is known as Mill Ends Park and before you decide to pack up the kids for a fun day at the park, it should be noted, this park is the smallest one in the world.

Located at an intersection in Southwest Portland, Mill Ends Park measures 425 square inches. Yes, it is that small.

However small, the city keeps the park in pristine condition as volunteers change our plants on a seasonal basis. No swings, walking trails, or picnic tables here!