A Basic Guide for Travelling to Bali; Indonesia

Indonesia is a state well known for its splendid tourist attractions and, to be specific, the iconic rice paddies, volcanic mountains, beaches, and coral reefs. One of the most famed islands located in the Indonesian archipelago is Bali. This island provides homage to over four million residents and has been a travel hotbed for some decades.

Bali boasts of many more marvels that will make your stay worthwhile. They include visiting temples, trekking along volcanic slopes, water sports, and so much more. These activities make it a thrilling trip for you and your companions. To enjoy your trip, even more, you should consider booking a stay in one of the 5-star hotels in Bali.

It is crucial to note that as you enjoy your stay in Bali, there are some key issues that you have to consider. Hence this review will take a look at the Health and Safety Regulations, Tourist Visas, and some other tips to make your stay in Bali worthwhile.

Health & Safety Regulations


The most common complaints in Bali are stomach pains as a result of contaminated food, water, and ice. Contaminants in food can lead to diarrhea, dehydration, or hepatitis A or D.  You should drink bottled water. Fungal contagions are also very rampant; you should wear loose clothes, bath often, and dry yourself meticulously.

Also, take note of malarial zones; some of the destinations such as Bali are malaria-free. Mosquitoes at the ocean are not rampant, which means you should be calm.

Consult with a health expert regarding the vaccinations you should have prior to traveling to Bali. Also, while on holiday, if you feel sick, seek help from the health staff.


Wandering anywhere comes with its risks, but Indonesia is a reasonably safe space for all tourists. You are recommended to be calm when safety issues arise so that you can make informed and planned decisions.

Most of the tourist areas in Indonesia have not reported any security threats in a long while, so guests who stay in hotels are generally safe.

Tourist Visas

Some changes were made to the Indonesia visa regulations in February 2004. Check on the laws often as they are prone to change. You must also have a legal passport for at least six months from the date of entrance.

There are eleven nations whose residents are eligible for a 30-day visa, such as Morocco, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines, Macau, and Vietnam. For other states, there is a seven or thirty-day Visa accessible they include Unite Kingdom, USA, UAE, South Africa, and Argentina. Proof of a return ticket is a must.

This Visa is available at all international airports and borders. If your republic does not fall under the above categories or you need to stay past thirty days, you need to get a Visa overseas. There are specific requirements for Portuguese and Israeli nationals.

Beneficial Guidelines for Travelers While in Bali

Means of Communication

Most tourists will opt to use wi-fi calls and communication while in Bali. However, when an external connection can be a challenge, that’s why there are plenty of internet cafes in the City and tourist areas, although speeds can still be slow in some areas.

The country code of Indonesia is +62. There is a government-run telecommunication company called Kantor Telkom, and it has offices in most major cities. These are the cheapest places to make calls abroad since roaming is quite expensive.

Adventure & Activities

Travelers visiting Bali will have numerous chances to indulge locally. There are also a host of national grounds, volcanoes, and other spots to enrich your vacation here.


To sum it all up, Bali is a fascinating tourist destination with lots to do and see. As we have seen above there are crucial things you need to iron out before traveling there, and this will make your trip all the more exciting.